Was This Man Murdered for Exposing the Alien Agenda?

The internet has been ablaze for months with conspiracy after conspiracy after conspiracy. Some are revivals of old conspiracies (Pizzagate, anyone?) while others are as new as the events they revolve around (but I already got sh@d0w-b@nned on YouTube for mentioning c0ron@vyriss, so I won’t bring up those conspiracies here).

One fascinating feature of this Conspiracygeddon is that its participants are attempting to connect all the conspiracies. Child trafficking, adrenochrome production, the Deep State/Shadow Government, the Illuminati, the New World Order… It’s as if they believe each conspiracy is one branch on a giant tree, and they’re all driving themselves mad trying to find the shared root of that tree.

Kinda like this

Some would dismiss this as lockdown-boredom-turned-paranoia. Others are convinced it’s The Great Awakening unfolding in our lifetime. Regardless of whether you believe these conspiracies are true, let alone all connected to each other, I feel that we owe an acknowledgment to a certain man who, 25 years ago, did in fact connect all of these conspiracies… and possibly got murdered for it. In fact, I’m genuinely shocked that I haven’t seen anyone — even hardcore conspiracists — mention his name yet.

His name was Philip Schneider.

He was a government geologist and engineer with level 3 security clearance, assigned to what he called “black budget projects” like building underground cities. He broke his professional oath of secrecy in order to illegally disclose what he learned during his time working for the government. In an hour-long talk he toured the country with (← obligatory “WATCH IT BEFORE YOUTUBE DELETES IT” tag), he makes a number of bizarre and disturbing claims — one of which being that a 7-foot-tall grey alien blasted his fingers off with a radiation weapon.

Yes, you read that right.

Here are some other notable quotes from his talk:

“The military has known about the alien question for the better part of 70 years…. All information dealing with alien technology was all hidden from the American public. The public basically has been totally lied to. We’re considered stupid.”

“All aliens carry germs and diseases and bacterium, in and on them, that are deadly to us. If I were making policy, I’d quarantine them all! Because how do we not know that some of our diseases — like AIDS, ebola, hantavirus, and a few of these other weird ‘designer diseases’ as I like to call them — are not made from the cadavers of some of these aliens as a biological weapon to use against the people of the United States?”

“I’ll tell you what the alien agenda is, and it’s going to sound very familiar. The alien agenda is the complete takeover of this planet, the killing off of 5/6ths to 7/8ths of the world’s population, by the year 2029. The New World Order and the Alien Agenda is one and the same. It’s world takeover, and the decimation of the population of this planet.”
(Interesting to note: Conspiracists have been losing their marbles over this UN document which outlines the UN’s aims to unify world government by 2030. Coincidence?)

“There are 9 races of alien populations [currently here on Earth] who look at a human being like a bag of food. They’re not cannibals, they don’t eat the flesh and the bones and all that stuff. They use the glandular secretions of animals and human beings as a mixture of vitamins for their food. They get high off of our adrenal gland substances, called adrenochrome. It’s something like cocaine to them.”

“If we do nothing, it’ll continue to go on… and you’ll keep seeing more and more people disappear. Right now there are 100,000 children [missing], totally unaccountable through FBI archives, which cannot be traced anywhere…. I think they’re holed underneath in some of these [underground] bases… and they are literally eaten.

People have noticed that the map of hotspots for child abductions line up pretty well with maps of cave networks & deep underground military bases. More info here.

So 25 years ago, my man Schneider was talking about the fake media, the deep state, the depopulation agenda, manufactured epidemics, child trafficking operations, and adrenochrome production… basically, all of the same “conspiracies” that the likes of #QAnon are currently reviving and trying to find the common root of.

And what was the common root, according to Schneider?


I know, I know. It sounds crazy. [Insert “dude with weird hair from NatGeo’s Ancient Aliens” meme here].

But consider this: Twenty-five years ago, Schneider didn’t have the luxury of amassing a social media following to parrot his strange claims, or of tapping into trending hashtags to promote his agenda. He was alone. Alone in his mission, his message, his conviction. And yet, something compelled him to stay the course. He funded his own lecture tour, where he displayed what he claimed were alien artifacts, including materials allegedly harder than diamonds and resistant to 10-million degree heat. In his talks, he mentioned that he was compiling a book detailing the shadow government’s plans to implement the New World Order.

But he was found dead in his home before he could publish it, beaten to a bloody pulp and with wire wrapped around his neck (← WARNING, extremely graphic photos!). The NWO book manuscript, and his alleged alien artifacts, were all gone.

It’s July 2020 as I write this, and the meme “JEFFREY EPSTEIN DIDN’T KILL HIMSELF” is still circulating on the Internet, even a year after the elite child trafficker’s “suicide” in prison. People are practically on the edge of their seats waiting to see if his recently-caught collaborator, Ghislaine Maxwell, will also “commit suicide” in prison. There seems to be a general understanding that if a person knows something that could compromise elite interests, and that person’s untimely death soon after that is ruled a “suicide,” then someone is hiding something — and thus, the person is killed before they can blow the whistle and expose the secret.

What would make Phil Schneider’s suspicious death any different? The dude was talking about human-trafficking and blood-drinking shadow elites over two decades ago. It’s just that in his version of the story, the elites in question are not humans.

As I said in my last article, there are enough abduction accounts, NDEs, and consistent testimonies from other alien agenda whistleblowers to suggest that aliens are real, they are malevolent, and they are fucking with us. This Universe is so big as to make anything possible. Is it really that insane to discuss the possibility that an advanced alien race not only exists, but is aware of us, and looks at us the way we look at roaches? With apathy, contempt, and disgust? With a belief in their superiority and therefore entitlement to torture, enslave, and experiment on us?

Even if you’re not into alien stuff, I don’t find it so hard to conclude that a human trafficker would have to be, in a sense, non-human in order to do what they do. I can’t imagine these beings have souls in the way normal people have souls, and you can take that either literally or figuratively.

Obviously, I can’t prove anything Schneider claimed. But considering the CIA’s recent drip of declassified documents regarding aliens, UFOs, and the holographic nature of the Universe, it seems we might be on the precipice of Disclosure. Not just disclosure of the mere existence of aliens, but also of their potential role in world government and possibly crimes against humanity.

Is the shadow government run by aliens? Are they the parasitic masterminds behind this world’s complex trafficking operations? I can’t say for sure. But at the very least, I am convinced of one thing:


1 thought on “Was This Man Murdered for Exposing the Alien Agenda?

  1. For the ET/deep state government hybridization of the human species, males just get in the way. Females with their eggs are potential reproducers of an ‘upgrade’ in humanity. They just need to mate with those superior species from “out there above” as they did thousands of years ago. That may also be why this suspicion of the “depopulation of humanity” is also out there. Removing male humans would reduce humanity by about 50%. Interesting that this prearranged Covid virus starting this transition to the NWO is killing 50% more males than females.


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