Why I Will NOT Take the COVID Vaccine


You may have clicked on this article expecting an analysis of the COVID-19 pandemic featuring sleek infographics, a breakdown of all the facts and figures, ironclad statistics and sophisticated scientific jargon. However, this essay will not be taking the “cold logic” approach. Because truth be told, I am not an epidemiologist, or a chemist, or a statistician. I am not an “expert” on anything COVID-related.

What I am is a human. I am a human with complicated thoughts, beliefs and feelings. I am a human who loves you, dear stranger reading from the other side of this screen — this glowing bridge between our deeply divided worlds. For that reason (that reason being Love) I must say what I’m about to say in raw, imperfect, and — yes — emotional terms.

Follow me, if you will, down a train of thought you may not have encountered yet. It may seem unfamiliar and nonsensical at first, but keep reading. Your intuition (remember that?) will pick up what I’m putting down, even if your analytical mind considers me incoherent.

Often, in this modern age, we ask whether our machines will ever become like us. Will Artificial Intelligence (AI) one day evolve towards sentience? Can robots become self-aware? Can computers develop empathy, love, and a sense of what is ethical?

These questions are so innocent. So pure. Unfortunately, they are also naive.

We may have created AI initially, but now? AI is creating us. Or, perhaps more accurately, AI is un-creating us. All it takes is but one moment of clarity to see that we are becoming like the machines. We are losing our sentience. We are losing our self-awareness. We are losing our empathy, love, and sense of how to treat each other.

We are living through a realtime merging of organic consciousness with machine consciousness on a global scale. The AI style of “thinking” (which I will detail later in this essay — stay with me, please) is overriding our organic, human way of thinking. The mental takeover is so advanced, so calculating, and so subtle, that the vast majority of people being overtaken do not detect it happening. For this reason, I also consider AI innately predatory and therefore harmful to humanity (we’ll get to that, too).

This “AI Contagion” was already spreading for years before 2020. You certainly don’t need me to write yet another article about how SoCiAL mEDiA iS rUiNiNg tHe wOrLd. But 2020 put the AI Contagion on hypderdrive. For the first year in known human history, the majority of our social interactions have been virtual. Since we’re primarily staying home or social distancing, most of us have used the Internet to “connect” with each other. And when we do interact in person, we’re rendered Anonymous by face-obscuring masks. We haven’t seen each other, or touched each other, in months.

We have become so artificial. Virtual reality is reality now. Real life? Human contact? I think I vaguely remember those…

And all of this has played right into the hands of the techno-transhumanist-totalitarian agenda.

The what? I know, that was a lot. Let’s backpedal.

Technocracy is an ideological system of governance in which a decision-maker or makers are elected by the population or appointed on the basis of their expertise in a given area of responsibility, particularly with regard to scientific or technical knowledge… The term technocracy was originally used to signify the application of the scientific method to solving social problems…. In more practical use, technocracy is any portion of a bureaucracy that is run by technologists.

Next, let’s get on the same page about a related concept, scientism:

Scientism is the promotion of science as the best or only objective means by which society should determine normative and epistemological values.

And finally, our third key term for this paper: transhumanism.

Transhumanism is a philosophical movement that advocates for the transformation of the human condition by developing and making widely available sophisticated technologies able to greatly modify or enhance human intellect and physiology.

Hopefully you’re seeing what I’m seeing. If not, allow me to connect the dots:

At the beginning of this year, we were warned that a novel coronavirus was spreading around the globe, with the potential to kill millions of people. Immediately, we were herded into lockdown, and promised that it would only take two weeks to “stop the spread.” Those two weeks somehow turned into months, with little protest from those glued to their HypnoTelevisions, which blared at them 24/7 to be afraid of their own breath. Hospitals began marking death certificates as “died with COVID,” a sly way of grossly inflating the official death toll and thereby justifying the global devastation caused by the lockdown.

Any attempt by credentialed experts to critique social distancing or mask mandates, or by health professionals to discuss alternative or natural treatments for the virus (like HCQ, vitamin D, or, you know, going outside and getting fresh air) was ruthlessly defamed and censored…

…and one solution was uniformly and aggressively pushed by every horned head of the Big-Tech Beast:


It’s the only way, our technocratic overlords say.
Trust The Science, our technocratic overlords say.

What began as an attempt to reduce the spread of a virus somehow morphed into a full-fledged War on Death.

That is no exaggeration. The technocrats, it seems, want the COVID-19 death count to be zero. They talk about defeating the “invisible enemy,” as if a virus can be “defeated.” Not only is this impossible and absurd, it’s inconsistent with their level of concern about literally every other societal issue. Have we ever mobilized this aggressively to solve the hunger crisis, or cure cancer, or stop child trafficking? No, we have not.

You might argue that unlike those other issues, which are underpinned by complicated and interlocking social systems, this pandemic has a simple, easily-dispensed solution: the vaccine!
Therefore, we must implement this solution, immediately and unquestioningly. It’s our ethical obligation, implicit in our “social contract.”

Objections to this vaccine fanaticism are met with disdain, if not rage. “Because,” vaccine enthusiasts claim, “‘anti-vaxxers’ are obviously primitive, conspiratorial idiots who still haven’t figured out how perfect and safe and trustworthy vaccine technology is! Besides, emotions have no place in rational discourse. The two are mutually exclusive, and rationalism is self-evidently superior to any base animal instinct that doesn’t want to be penetrated by a strange needle — least of all over a novel virus with a >98% survival rate.”

Imagine that. Humans raging against human emotions. Humans cheering, “Ruthless progress for progress’s sake! Technology rules! Science is perfect! Humans are obsolete and need to be upgraded!”

These responses are so automatic, as if those who accept the mainstream narrative spewing out of their HypnoTelevisions are following a script of some kind. You might even say… a program:

If human does not want vaccine [ Then ]
[ categorize human under “conspiracy theorist” ]
[ ElseIf human criticizes vaccines [ Then ]
[ ignore facts about historical abuse of vaccines against populace by tyrannical governments ] ]
[ Else
[ instruct human to “Trust the Science” ] ]
End If

Tell me, my love:

Do you remember the exact moment you stopped thinking like a human, and began thinking like a machine?

Scientism is currently the reigning global religion. But unlike Chrisitanity or Hinduism, which feature deities, Scientism appears secular on the surface. It somehow managed to garner an aura of omnipotence, omniscience and neutral objectivity (if not benevolence) without any of the “woo-woo” vibes a normal religion would have.

This is dangerous, because just like the mental AI Override I mentioned earlier, Scientism has managed to root itself in the brains of millions without their detecting it. In other words, millions of people are now practicing a religion they don’t even realize they are practicing. Talk about an asymptomatic contagion!

And just like with religion, there are a number of preposterous and even deadly assumptions people make in order to maintain their “scientific” worldview:

– Science is transparent
– Science is corruption-proof
– Scientists are objective, autonomous and bias-free
– Scientific research is a level playing field that anyone can participate in, regardless of gender, race or economic status
– The science I hear about on the news is accurately reported and immune to political agendas

In essence: Science is perfect. Just like God.

And, just like with religion, most people don’t go directly to the scientific papers (read: holy scriptures) to interpret the wisdom for themselves. Instead, they trust what their High Priests decree (that’s Dr. Fauci, in this analogy). Then they go forth and evangelize to the unsaved (that’s us, the anti-vaxxers).

And once more: Just like with religion, adherents of Scientism will actively ignore, if not infight about, contradictory interpretations of the same scriptures — I mean scientific papers. For example, vaccine enthusiasts will brush off anything said by a scientist who is critical of vaccines. Yes! Those scientists exist! And the fact that you don’t hear about them on the mainstream news should not be assumed incidental.

What many of today’s vaccine fanatics mistakenly call “science” is actually a philosophy — a philosophy known as transhumanism. Remember, transhumanism posits that humans in our default state should be upgraded with technology. It might very well pain them to find that not everyone shares this philosophy. And no amount of censoring medical professionals and scientists who contradict the mainstream media’s COVID narrative, is going to convert us to transhumanism.

I wield the right to question Science the same way I question any religion: both may be noble and sincere in their attempts to seek truth, but they are so beautifully, frustratingly human. Corruption is inevitable. So is Death. As much as our AI-infected minds may be tempted to worship Science for its false promises of immortality, this is actually a case of “God” being created in our own image: imperfect, confused, and mortal.

There is a peace that comes with accepting one’s mortality. Of Living, without fear of Death. It is a peace that is found when one turns off the HypnoTelevision, goes outside, looks other humans in the eye, and smiles a bare smile at them. It is a peace I wish for all — for you — to experience. Because I Love you. I really, really do.

I’ll tell you exactly what the technocrats have planned for you, and for all of us. This is no conspiracy. This is fact. The official paper trail of everything I reference can be easily found online — in fact, I implore you to do your own research:

The technocrats are attempting to build a world in which you cannot travel internationally (or even within your own city) unless you can provide proof of vaccination. Their ideal “proof” would not be an external passport, but an internal one, such as a subdermal implant or invisible tattoo. Only with this invasive technology will you be “free” to roam their wet dream of a world. Even then, your “freedom” will be heavily monitored and policed 24/7 via your mandatory smartphone under the guise of “contact tracing.” If they have their way, you won’t be able to spend your own money if you stand up to this madness, because their fantasy economy will be totally digital. That’s right — if you displease your technocratic overlords, you can kiss your bank account goodbye, because whoever controls the internet, will control you. You might even be fined, towed away to a re-education camp, or imprisoned for refusing the vaccine — the long-term effects of which we do not, and at the moment cannot, know.

In short: You will be cyborg-ified. Your body will be irreversibly interlinked with the Internet of Things. The degradation of the barrier between You and The AI Grid will officially begin, and once that process is set in motion, there’s no going back on it. Everything you say and do can (and will) be monitored, and remotely influenced, by the technocrats you put all your faith in. This is the world they are planning for you. A digital hell for half-human slaves.

I don’t want to live in that world.
I don’t want anyone to live in that world.

Do you?

If you do, the COVID-19 vaccine awaits you.

After that, it will be the COVID-20 vaccine. And the COVID-21 vaccine. And the COVID-22 vaccine…

What? You thought things would go “back to normal” after the first vaccine?
No, my love. Not after the precedent has been set.

Taking the vaccine is a vote on which world you’d like to live in. It’s a soul contract. Yes, I went there.

To take the vaccine is to cast a vote. Not just for yourself, but for all of us. It is a vote for a New World (Order), the foundation of which is an AI Control Grid. It is a total forfeiture of one’s personal autonomy and humanity in favor of the sparkly convenience and delayed Death promised by the transhumanist technocracy. To accept the COVID-19 Vaccine is a self-downgrade into Artificial Intelligence, from which there is no recovering the organic, human way of thinking, feeling and being.

Once you realize you’ve sold your soul for the sake of convenience and virtual-reality-bound “freedom,” it will be too late. By the 3rd or 4th “pandemic,” you’ll have already signaled to your technocratic overlords that your compliance can be coerced with enough mass media fear-mongering and societal string-pulling. You will have chosen to be a slave in their Beast System of your own free will… and you will have no one to blame but yourself.

So I write this for you — for you now, and for you in the future:

Do not take this vaccine.

Draw your lines while you still can.

Draw lines around your flesh-and-blood body, while it’s still yours. Draw lines at medical tyranny, at AI control grids, at the overriding of human consciousness.

Draw lines because you’re an animal, and this body is your territory, it’s your home, and some unkillable, un-turn-off-able animal instinct in you is compelled to fight tooth and claw against anyone or anything that tries to puncture your body for any reason. There need be no “rationalization.”

Draw lines, because you Love yourself, and you Love your fellow humans, and Loving humanity means defending their autonomy, bodily sovereignty and freedom — even if they mock you as you do it.

Draw lines.

Or don’t.

You could totally ignore everything I wrote because I didn’t make my argument within the sterile, cold-logic parameters set by our AI-dominated culture. You’re welcome to retreat back to the comfort of your manufactured COVID death statistics, socially engineered “scientific facts” and behavioral mandates from your techno-gods on high.

Because what do I know, anyway? I’m just another overly-emotional “anti-vaxxer.”

If human does not want vaccine [ Then ]
[ categorize human as “anti-vaxxer” ]
[ stop thoughts ] ]
End If


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The Great Reset, Explained (Hint: It’s NOT a “Conspiracy”)

3 thoughts on “Why I Will NOT Take the COVID Vaccine

  1. Yes agree. This so dark……but light will shine. We got to stick together


  2. Thank You so much for putting this together. What you said was beautifully written. I hope this resonates with whomever I share it with.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Having come to a similar conclusion on the non-vaccines, I appreciate your thinking on this subject. It’s so easy to be overwhelmed by all the techie/science religion/data talk shooting back and forth on the internets, it’s easy to forget the human side of things. Thanks for bringing that aspect into better focus for me.

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