Your TV is Sending You Secret Messages. Are you Listening?

This one’s for the paranoid, persecuted conspiracists:
I have a bone to pick with you.

Prior to the 9/11 terrorist attack in 2001, countless movies and television shows featured the Twin Towers being destroyed in one way or another. The Simpsons, Rugrats, Batman Beyond, Iron Man, and many other works of media seemed to be “in on” the historical event way before it happened.

Coincidence? Possibly.

But looking further into the conspiracy known as predictive programming, we find many, many, many more examples of events being foretold by seemingly benign cartoons. Exhibit A: Kobe Bryant’s death was foretold by a brief scene in Legends of Chamberlain Heights. Helicopter crash, 5 rings, and everything. And don’t even get me started on the coronavirus predictive programming!

At some point, it no longer seems reasonable to dismiss all of these examples as mere “coincidence.” It’s a fact: Somehow, someway, future events are either predicted or engineered via popular television shows.

Cue the conspiracists: “I knew it! THEY control the world!” “THEY manipulate reality!” “THEY are mocking us!”

And hey, maybe “they” are.

This is why so many conspiracy theorists fall into an endless cycle of doomsday dread, peddling panic, fear, and powerlessness — all while blaming somebody else for their anxiety. Because if you believe that shadow elites are behind the scenes controlling reality, and that they have all the money and resources on their side to manipulate every aspect of life from politics to the weather… then everyone’s fate is sealed. We’re doomed! No point fighting back! Let’s just sit on our couches in front of the TV and wait for the apocalypse! ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

But there’s a key detail missing from this conspiratorial conversation. One that could save your sanity — and your soul:

While it is true that “they” show you their nefarious plans in advance through the media, do you know what else they show you?

That you have superpowers.

If you never read another word I write, read this: Every human alive is capable of using literal superpowers, otherwise known as siddhis or psionics. These psychic abilities bypass the “laws” of physics and the limitations of the material body.

Still a skeptic? Dean Radin has this to say on the matter:

“After a century of increasingly sophisticated investigations and more than a thousand controlled studies with combined odds against chance of 10104 to 1, there is now strong evidence that some psi phenomena exist. While this is an impressive statistic, all it means is that the outcomes of these experiments are definitely not due to coincidence.”

Did you hear that? Telekinesis has already been proven. Telepathy has already been proven. Long-distance healing has already been proven. Remote viewing has already been proven (and the CIA uses it liberally — yes, for real). Would you like me to continue?

The point is, all the superhero stuff is real. You, my friend, are a dormant volcano of spiritual power.

Can you imagine the implications of this? A person who can remote-view can peek “behind the curtain” of world events — in fact, YouTuber Edward Riordan already does this. A person who can turn invisible can’t be tracked down. A person who can teleport can never be imprisoned.

Apocalypse who? Never heard of her.

But let’s pause here.

Usually, when I try to talk to people about humanity’s latent psychic abilities, I’m met with condescension, bewilderment, and even name-calling. Thankfully I don’t give a fuck what you think of me. But I do care about you. So I’m going to be blunt:

I think people resist the idea of having supernatural powers because to acknowledge one’s own power is to acknowledge one’s own role in creating the reality they hate.

Please read that again.
And then read it again.

It isn’t “they” who are making you feel disempowered. It’s you.
It was always you.

Am I being a bit harsh? Yes. But here’s the thing: “They” have always tried to remind you of your power in a more gentle way. Through media. Just like how they show you the disasters that are coming.

My entire generation grew up watching Dragon Ball Z, Sailor Moon, The Wild Thornberries, Static Shock, and so many others. Not only did these shows feature characters with superpowers, but many of them accurately portray the process of awakening and controlling said powers. As a matter of fact, right now on Netflix (if you still have it after the Cuties debacle — yuck) there’s a show called Raising Dion. From beginning to end, it faithfully portrays the consequences of cultivating supernatural gifts in a world that’s forgotten its spiritual nature. Certain episodes even include step-by-step instructions for developing psionic gifts like invisibility and teleportation.

“They” are literally giving you the most valuable information you will ever encounter.
And yet, you’re only whining about all the apocalypse scenarios they broadcasted into your brain.

They have tried to tell you gently. They have tried to tell you harshly. They put it in your face 24/7. But for whatever reason, you choose to focus only on the predictive programming that disempowers you, and not on the stuff that could save your soul. Whose fault is that, really?

Though censorship and information control are rampant in this age of monopolized corporate media, the truth has always been available to you. Because the truth was never “out there” anyway. It was always “in here.”

When’s the last time you meditated? When’s the last time you had a ~weird~ experience and actually dug deeper into it— instead of shrugging it off as just a weird coincidence or hallucination? When’s the last time you got a good night’s sleep, instead of staying up for hours with a blue light in your face (blue light fucks with your third eye, by the way— and that’s the source of your psychic awareness). How deeply do you breathe? How clean do you keep your temple?

Yes, it is true that there are forces out there that want you to forget how powerful you are. Yes, they want your mind, your heart, and your soul. But, as this is a Free Will Universe, they can’t take it from you. They can only trick you into giving it away. It’s ultimately still a choice. Your choice.

If you really want to know the Truth about yourself, you’ll sacrifice your assorted distractions, indoctrination, and excuses in favor of discipline, persistence, and an unwavering desire to find God.

I, for one, refuse the notion that our fates are sealed by shadowy elites, that we must accept the apocalypse narrative and wait for a savior to come tractor-beam us into the air. We are free to create our own futures. We are powerful.

We just need to believe it first.

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