Your Heart is a Generator: What World Are You Creating?

Hello my friends.
Today I am here to ReMind you
that there’s a space in you
called your Heart of Hearts.
It’s the place where you know things by feeling
by leading with your chest
by gently embracing the world
the way you’d wrap your arms around a frightened child
and hold them close –
not to crush or stifle,
but reassure and restore,
letting them know they are free to go or stay
whenever they’re ready.

I want you, I dare you,
to go into this place –
haven, heaven, inner church –
and create a new feeling.
A feeling like curiosity:
hmm, I wonder what else
Could Be?
A feeling like the courage to find out (and find *in*).
A feeling like forgetting what fear even is.
This feeling is Love.

Your heart is a generator. It emits an electromagnetic field that extends in a 6-foot radius around your body. (You wanna dwell on 6-foot bubbles of personal space? Dwell on this one! ⚡) Maybe you’ve heard this idea already. Maybe you “get it” intellectually.
But have you actually, experientially, played with it? Jumped into the deep end and flowed in it? Have you had fun shaping a new crystal heart prism so you can color and amplify light with it?

Have you laughed rivers down your face, in a baptism of bliss?
Have you reveled in the silly thrill of choosing lovingkindness?
Have you made a joyful noise unto humanity’s very Existence?
Have you turned up your heartbeat loud enough for passersby to hear it?
Have you ReMinded others with your mere presence that they, too, can do this?

Well do it now,
bell-chime Being
singing your songs to everything.
The world needs your curiosity, your color, your courage.
The world needs the Light of your Love.


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