Why I, a Reiki Healer, Removed My Chakras

I was 17 years old when I first got the “hot hands.”

Imagine warmth radiating from the centers of your palms. Then imagine the warmth increasing until it becomes heat, like the after-feel of holding a hot mug in your hands. Got that? Now imagine that you can’t figure out how to turn the “heat” off. That’s what was happening to me.

The hot hands would strike at random. I’d be doing whatever at school when suddenly my hands would light up with energy. I’d ask my sensitive friends to put their hands close to mine, and they’d confirm it: “Whoa, your hand is hot! I can feel it from here!” This inspired them to try making heat in their own hands by concentrating their mind on it, and it worked! We would go around holding our hands close to people and asking what they felt, receiving a confirmatory “HEAT” every time. Little did we know, we were practicing psionics. Specifically, we were making psi balls, or balls of chi (energy).

Eventually my hot hands occurred less frequently, striking only in high-energy places like New Age shops full of crystals, or thrift shops full of items drenched in the residual energy of their previous owners. I never knew what to do with my hot hands, exactly, or why I even had them…

…until 9 years later, when I discovered reiki.

I was offered the chance to take a very affordable reiki certification course. Having always been interested in the healing arts, I went for it. In her opening lesson, my instructor explained that reiki is energy channeled from the Universe and through the hands. She demonstrated the process of “activating” your “healer hands” — and just by watching her, my own hands lit up like never before.

Finally! Now I knew why energy was coming out of my palms!

And even better: my healing hands could be put towards a purpose beyond myself. I was elated to learn everything I could and realize my healing abilities to their highest potential.

I faithfully practiced my teacher’s method of learning how to control the flow of energy through my palms, then buckled down and learned the basic template of a healing. I won’t bore you with the details; the important thing to note is that most reiki healings revolve around scanning the person’s chakra system to identify whatever energetic imbalance needs your healing attention.

Thankfully, my teacher encouraged her students to listen to our intuition above all. If anything she taught us didn’t resonate intuitively, we were not obligated to do things “her way” just because she was the teacher. Her lessons emphasized the innerstanding that we are sovereign, and therefore perfectly capable of developing our own methods of energy healing that aligned with our sense of Truth.

Sure enough, though I practiced my teacher’s prescribed method in the beginning of my studies, I modified the method over time according to my intuition’s guidance. I dropped pretty much every convention of reiki healing: no more inserting power symbols into a person’s chakras, no more “channeling white light from the Universe,” etc… The only basic concept I kept, really, was the “scanning of chakras.”

The more people I scanned, the sharper my psychic insight became. Even during remote long-distance healings, I was able to accurately diagnose health issues in strangers who gave me nothing to go on. At first, these psychic impressions would come to me as a feeling of heaviness or distortion in a certain chakra, and I’d deduce the health ailment from there.

But over time, as a consequence of these newly sharpened psychic senses, I started to get this weird feeling that my clients’ chakras weren’t blocked. Rather, their chakras were the blockages.

It began to feel as though the chakras were like filters placed over a camera lens, or like dams in a river that narrowed the river’s flow. Whatever these things were, they didn’t feel like organic parts of the human energy body. Instead, they felt like additions — artificial inserts.

This got me reflecting on my own chakras. For years, I’d taken all the New Age, neo-“Tantra” (read: post-Crowley sex magick) teachings about chakras for granted. I’d been told chakras are just part of us, that they’re supposed to be there, and that without them we’d never attain kundalini awakening, which is believed by some to be the manifestation of enlightenment.

But now that I was thinking about it: it did seem unnerving that neo-Tantrists promoted a highly complicated system of kundalini awakening that involves extremely elaborate and specific interactions with these energy centers. One wrong move and you’d have a psychotic break, or damage your liver, or incinerate your skin, or die. Yikes.

How could that be? Why, so soon after balancing a chakra, would it seem to fall out of balance again? Why all this annoying effort to keep these vortices in check? If enlightenment was really this mechanical and intricate, then what hope did, say, an illiterate, starving child have of directly experiencing God?

The more I thought about it, the less sense it made. The chakra system—and for that matter, the notion that kundalini awakening constitutes enlightenment—no longer felt compatible with my sense of what is True. I no longer wanted “my” chakras. In fact, I didn’t even feel like they were mine anymore.

Feeling quite alone with these taboo thoughts, and now driven by a playful curiosity, I searched “chakra removal” to see if this was even A Thing. Turns out: yes! It is!

There’s a growing trend of people intentionally altering their energy body. Their beliefs range from “the chakras are an incidental mutation in the human energy system,” to “CURSE THE ARCHONS AND THEIR SATURNIAN AI CONTROL GRID.” Regardless of their original motives, they had all seemed to reach the same conclusion that the chakras must be removed. And I couldn’t find a single example of anyone regretting their decision to do so.

One example of a serious magician who removed his chakras, with no regrets.

Ultimately, my decision came down to the question of sovereignty. I had originally embraced the idea of chakras because other people had told me to. But now my own direct experience of the chakras was in conflict with the mainstream narrative. Would I ignore gnosis in favor of hearsay? No, of course not. It was my energy, after all. How could anyone tell me what my energy body was supposed to look or feel like? They weren’t the ones living in it!

With that, I decided to remove my chakras. (And I would do it for myself, because if this was about reclaiming my sovereignty, what sense would it make to pay someone else to do it for me?)

I figured only two things could go wrong. Either

  1. the chakras wouldn’t come out, or,
  2. I would realize I made the wrong decision by removing them and just… put them back in.

So on December 21st 2020, the day of the Great Conjunction, I performed a personal ritual to completely dissolve every chakra within and outside of my body, reclaiming all the energy that had been siphoned out of these vortices and commanding it to integrate into one central Sun at the core of my body.

By the time I finished with the ritual, I felt…


To this day, I still don’t know exactly how to describe the change. I felt lighter, for sure. And the flow of energy in my body felt easy and clear.

But it was so much more than that. It was like the relief of coming home after a long day and peeling off your street clothes, then reveling in the sweet comfort of shamelessly walking around naked — it was an unbinding, unwinding experience. Now I could move, think and feel more freely.

And in the past, when there was any sort of energetic activity in my body, it would feel segmented off and related to a specific chakra. But now? I feel everything in a full-body way. For example, my sexual experiences are not primarily experienced in my sacral chakra, but rather, in my full toroidal field. Same goes for every other kind of energetic experience.

In short: I feel great, and I don’t regret my decision at all. 🙂

And for the record: after hearing my experience, a friend was inspired to remove her chakras as well. Same deal: she personalized and performed the ritual for herself, as an act of reclaiming her spiritual sovereignty. And guess what? Her eyes are full of light now. Her irises literally sparkle like diamonds. I’ve never before seen a person’s eyes do that.

Have you ever considered the possibility that chakras aren’t an organic part of your energy system? — that they don’t need to, or even that they shouldn’t, be there?
Did reading about my experience make you feel uncomfortable? — if so, in what way, and why?

If you do not resonate with my intuition’s assessment of chakras, you are free to ignore me. Intuition is, by its nature, meant to be experienced personally. Consult with your own guidance above all.

I don’t wish to argue that chakras are definitively bad, or convince you that you should remove your chakras too. I only offer this post to spark new conversations around an old way of understanding the chakra system.

The choice is yours, and always has been.

Be free ♡

2 thoughts on “Why I, a Reiki Healer, Removed My Chakras

  1. Transhumanist Cult Awareness Network March 29, 2021 — 8:45 pm

    This deeply resonated with me. Especially because I’ve experienced abuse in the form of spiritual narcissism wherein my abuser basically constantly reminded me of how much more superior he was because he had a “third eye awakening” and I didn’t, therefore I’m not a soul traveler (ie i’m an NPC and worthy of dehumanization) like him.

    I first heard about chakra removal from Tony Sayer’s on Nightflight’s youtube channel and was totally astonished that anyone would even recommend removing one’s chakras, but what he said about it made total sense. This blog post also echoed some of my suspicions. thank you for your perspective.


  2. Hello, how can I contact you to ask further about your experience with removing your chakras please? Via email for example? Thank you.


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