Are Aliens Actually Demons? Yes and No.

Dear Creator, I pray for wisdom to guide my hands as I type this post, that my words might be received as they are intended: sincerely, seriously, and with respect for Truth above all. Thank you.

I call myself an ideonaut ⁠— like an astronaut, but instead of outerspace I explore innerspace.
Theories. Concepts. Identities. Movements.
I am always watching, reading, debating, learning. I inhale ideas like air.

I’m willing to consider anything in theory, no matter how “socially unacceptable.” So it’s safe to say I’ve amassed a rather large hoard of ideas over the years. The goal is not to get converted or carried away with these contemplations, but to understand how people think, and why they think that way.

Am I perfect at this? No. But I try my best to remember that I don’t know much — in fact, I may not know anything. And I hope this attempt at intellectual humility is apparent in my writing.

Why am I saying this? Because the topic I’m writing on today is perhaps the most controversial and misunderstood of any I’ve explored, save for the horrors of human trafficking — and I’ve explored many such topics.

What’s the topic today?


Already, I can sense the eye-rolls, the exasperated sighs, the automatic dismissals. And normally I wouldn’t hesitate to send that same energy right back to a person. I’m quite the spitfire when I need to be.

But this topic requires a level of care that I reserve for only the ideas I consider most consequential. And the alien question? At the moment, I know of nothing more consequential. It affects everything we know. Our government. Culture. Language. Our reason, our purpose. Our existence itself.

Oddly, most people have not even gotten past the question of whether aliens exist. Contemplations of this nature are considered “fringe,” “insane” and even pointless. Since convincing people of the aliens’ existence is beyond my expertise (and also my patience), I’ll leave you to consider the phenomenon of alien implants (sources: 1, 2 and 3) — which is perhaps the most striking physical proof of alien interference in human affairs that we have at our disposal — and hopefully I can continue persuading you in future posts.

But for this post, I’m going to skip ahead to the question of whether aliens are demons, or demonic in nature.

First, let’s define demon.

The word alone is loaded with connotations, thanks to countless years of religious wars, witch burnings, miscommunication and propaganda campaigns.

Do I know for certain what a demon is? No. But I know what most people think a demon is.

Most people reading this are Christian-influenced if not Christian fundamentalists. So they believe “demons” are real, conscious, negative entities who operate under the power of Satan/Lucifer/the Devil (most people use all of these names interchangeably, though many Satanic occultists make distinctions between them). So for the purpose of this post, we’re going to operate from this Christianized concept of the word “demon.”

As Christians, they believe demons must bend to the power of their Lord and Savior, Jehovah and/or Jesus Christ. Thus, it’s popular among Christians to invoke the name of Jesus Christ to banish entities. Non-Christians do it, too. In fact, in Psychic Self Defense, occultist Dion Fortune recommends calling on Jesus for protection when one believes themselves to be the victim of black magic or psychic vampirism.

It seems that calling on Jesus for spiritual protection works to protect most people, from most demons, most of the time. This “demons fleeing at the name of Jesus” phenomenon has converted many people to Christianity, because they believe it proves the superiority of Jesus Christ over other spiritual figures.

And furthermore, getting back to the original question of this post: Some people have figured out that invoking Jesus can, in fact, make alien abductions stop.

Thus, this ritual has been prescribed by alien researchers like Eve Lorgen and ex-New Agers like Michelle Manders to defend oneself against unwanted interactions with aliens.

And now many are concluding that not only is invoking Jesus the only way to stop alien interference, but that the efficacy of doing so proves aliens are demons. Why else would they flee in the name of Jesus?

LAM, the spirit from whom Aleister Crowley claims to have received The Book of the Law, compared to an image of a Zeta Reticulan (Gray) alien.

I wanted to believe this was true. I wanted to believe the terrorizing alien abductions and harassment would stop if I simply made a soul contract with Jesus Christ (because that’s what being “saved” is, really). I wanted the solution to be simple.

Unfortunately, the solution isn’t simple because the problem isn’t simple. Not only is the sophistication of the aliens’ deceptions beyond what most people are willing to consider, but abduction experiences are also deeply traumatizing, and the more traumatizing a memory is, the less we want to think about or analyze it. We just want a way to make it stop, and fast. This may be why the “just call on Jesus!” thing has become so popular. It’s a talisman that doesn’t require much thought to use in the face of overwhelming, albeit subconscious, fear.

That said, what I am going to say next may be incredibly jarring and difficult for most to hear, if they are biased in favor of the above-described Christian view on aliens. But it must be said, if for no other reason than because it is True:

Calling on Jesus to stop alien interference doesn’t always work.


even when it does work, it’s not the only thing that does work.

In this report by alien researcher and whistleblower Dr. Karla Turner, at the 41:59 mark, we hear an account of a woman who recovered pleasant memories of her abduction experience under hypnosis. However, when the hypnosis was repeated with the command “Go past mental blocks, strip away illusions, and report only the truth of the experience,” she came to discover that this pleasant memory was actually a screen memory (a common manipulation used by aliens). Underneath this screen was a disturbing experience of being physically violated by multiple aliens. Being a devout Christian, she cried to Jesus to save her… but was not rescued. The entities were totally unaffected by her distraught invocation of Jesus.

This is not the only case of aliens being unaffected by the invocation of a religious figure. I’ve heard numerous accounts of people losing their faith in Christianity because their devotion to Jesus did not save them from being violated by these so-called “demons.” So any religious conviction resting on the notion that aliens must obey Jesus’s authority, is resting on a very unstable foundation.

In fact, aliens are even known to use holographic projections of Jesus Christ to manipulate Christians into a wide variety of behaviors. Here is one disturbing example, taken from

For Al, the most important event was a vision he’d had of Jesus, whom at first he saw hanging on the cross. Al remembered feeling great pity and love for Jesus, and then being astonished when the figure looked up and began to move away from the cross and toward him. The last thing he remembered was Jesus kissing him, and when the vision was over, Al felt very moved and blessed by the event.

When [the regressionist] Barbara helped him mentally return to that scene, however, Al described more details, and as the event grew clearer in his mind, he suddenly began to shake. The spasms increased, until at one point Al was jerking violently as the intense emotions surfaced. Barbara worked to calm him, and when he was able to continue, the vision he had recalled faded away and he saw something quite different. Instead of Jesus, the image transformed into a grotesque reptilian creature, forcing itself sexually upon the terrified man… All along he had believed that his experience was spiritual and positive. He had no conscious memory of the rape or the deception that hid it.

It disturbs me just to quote that poor man’s story, especially knowing that there are many others who’ve had similar experiences. Because as I said earlier, I want it to be true that safety can be granted by a simple soul contract with Jesus. But unfortunately, it is clear that we’re dealing with intelligences far more sophisticated than any Holy Scriptures acknowledge. And perhaps this is by design. In some abductee accounts, it seems the objective is to convert the abductee to Christianity, for reasons that are not entirely clear — unless making humans submit to Christianity actually benefits these predator aliens in some way. For proponents of the theory that aliens of advanced intelligence designed our religions to obscure their operation and control humanity, this would make sense.

So what do we do?

The purpose of this speculation is not to bash Christianity, though it may feel that way to a devout believer. And if this writing feels disruptive, perhaps that’s a good thing. I’m not certain what’s going on on this planet, but I deeply suspect that religiosity only obscures the answer to that question. If it’s possible to understand the agenda at work here, then it can probably only be understood after one drops their religious preconceptions, and becomes willing to entertain new ideas.

Let’s do that, then.

I found a few personal accounts by abductees on GodLikeProductions, claiming that they’ve successfully used other methods to stop aliens from interfering with them.

  • Anonymous, User ID 4596067:
    “I was pestered by them for years until I found I could repel them by focusing love towards them. After doing this twice, they have never come back. And when I did focus love towards them they left in a big hurry.”
  • Anomalous Mallard, User ID 485721:
    It’s not whose or what name someone ‘invokes’ to negate alien contact or presence, it’s the intent of the individual that matters and that ‘they’ respond to. Saying, “In the name of Jesus I rebuke you…”, is no different than saying, “Fuck off!”, “I release all attachments and agreements between us…”, etc, as long as one’s intent is fixed.
  • The Seeker, User ID 514253:
    No it has been explained to me [by the aliens …] that if you ever want them to leave you alone all you have do is say so.
  • Anonymous, User ID 583460:
    The only time I tried something along the lines of what you have asked is one night when I was wrestling a being and was full of fear. I then heard a voice say – Just Love It! So I relaxed and sent love its way. All wrestling stopped immediately, all anxiety ceased […] the last thing I remember before waking the next morning. I can remember feeling that I had just had the best nights sleep! I was refreshed and relaxed and generally felt great.

Valdamar Valerian observed that the Buddhist method of training oneself to laugh at fear is one effective way to bring alien abductions to an end:

“An example of the type of attitude that the Grays find most confusing is the classic Buddhist discipline of meditating on a bloated corpse until one roars with laughter upon realizing what a complete cosmic joke existence is.
The most likely way to extricate oneself and others from a potentially disastrous situation is to keep the consciousness centered and the heart still, realizing the situation to be the illusion that it is. Do not act out of fear, thereby insuring the victory of the opponent… In no matter what type of situation, retain your sense of humor and perspective. Learn to apply the T’ai Ch’i disciplines in non-physical fashion. Center yourself, then act from that center.

As illustrated above, it seems that the solution to the abduction problem is two-fold:

  1. exalt Truth; refuse self-deception
  2. reclaim your personal power

Notice how, in the examples given by Karla Turner, programming a person during hypnotic regression to only allow the Truth to come forward, made it possible for them to see past false screen memories. So it seems there is an element of self-deception which allows these entities to deceive us while remaining undetected. In other words, we subconsciously consent to being deceived by them when we refuse to fully and clearly recall the raw, traumatic pain of what they’ve done to us. Once we revoke that consent to being deceived, we can see the Truth once more. It’s painful, though. So one must ask themselves if they are really ready to know what’s true… understanding that their religious convictions may be sacrificed in the process of finding out.

And as I mentioned in my post about chakra removal, personal power is a crucial, but largely overlooked, component of spiritual growth.

If the Gnostic Gospels are to be given any credence (as I think they should be), then it’s safe to say that Jesus was aware of the alien agenda and was trying to show humanity the way out. In this view, Jesus never meant to position himself as a Savior, but as a Wayshower. Which means, yes, he has the power and authority to banish these beings, but so do we. And this may be what he was really trying to tell us.

Maybe that’s why they killed the Gnostics.

There remains the question of what aliens are, if not demons by the Christian understanding of the word.

Maybe they are malevolent (which is another meaning often assigned to the word “demonic”). Maybe they are the Fallen Angels spoken of in the Book of Enoch and other apocryphal texts. Some people call them “interdimensionals” but I think this is a misnomer, because technically, humans are interdimensional too. Maybe they are something entirely beyond our understanding.

I can’t say for sure what they are. I don’t know the answers. But at least I’m willing to ask the questions.

And it is my dearest hope that you’ll join me in that, for Truth’s sake.

Thank you for reading ♥

2 thoughts on “Are Aliens Actually Demons? Yes and No.

  1. Good writing and well made points that dovetail my own thoughts on sovereignty. Ty


  2. I would love to share my story of what happened to me. I think it may add to your incredible points here. I had a similar experience and not sure if it was demonic or aliens but it was certainly one or the other. I was being possesed or taken over by something. I couldn’t move, speak or scream and they had control of me. The fear made me think it had to be the devil and I never believed the story of Jesus. I always thought it was it was put in place for control. Something was trying to take my soul that night. I have evidence that is beyond understanding and would love to share it. When my body unlocked, I ran for my car and hit the road. l was driving to the hospital thinking I was dying. In pure shock I started speaking another language I never heard or learned before. Now people tell me it could have been speaking in tounges. Long story short, I’m blowing red lights and I get to an off ramp and about half way and I hear a voice loud and clear say “ask Jesus Christ for forgiveness and you will be saved” word for word. It was as if time stopped. The voice was stern and super clear. Side note, I have never dabbled with drugs or alchohol.

    I said it and within a split second, the fear, anxiety, pain, heart racing, etc was gone. It was all gone before I got off the off ramp. I was so traumatized, I drifted into the middle lane. I believe it was demonic and wrong place, wrong time. It happened to me at 3am on the dot, the withing hour. Ever since than, I just know God to be real. It’s been proven so many times over and I never push my beliefs because I was also a skeptic. I wasn’t an atheist but I didn’t buy Jesus. But God spoke to me and asked me to come through his son. I’ve thought, maybe I’m being deceived and I live with this everyday but I’ve never lost my faith amoungst all my new questions.

    The things leading up to that night creates a whole set of new questions. I would love to share it with you and pick your mind. I really like the way you think!

    Take care


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