Making the Case that Dragons Are Real

Let me tell you about a dream that changed my life.

Scene: I was 11 years old, being raised in an oppressive church, not “allowed” to have much of an imagination – but I had a will, so I found a way. I was always inexplicably obsessed with all things esoteric. Psychic abilities, cryptids, magic, all that. It seemed no amount of religious brainwashing could kill this drive to learn more about these “fantasy” topics that, honestly, felt more real than what they were teaching me.

Then one night, I had a dream that was uncharacteristically vivid: I was riding a dragon’s back as he careened through the air, fierce and swift. His scales were scarlet red, his horns and claws were black, and his eyes were a sparkling golden-yellow. He was flying so fast through the sky, it was like being on a roller coaster. I felt powerful, free, and perhaps most of all, safe. He felt like my dragon. I don’t know how else to explain it.

This dream stirred my soul unlike any I’ve had before or since. So much so, that I was immediately inspired to hand-write a 9-book fantasy series, all centering on this dragon. The world in these books was decorated with other fantasy creatures, like unicorns, shapeshifters, soul-eaters… Those books poured out of me as fast as my little hands could keep up, as if the story was writing itself. Perhaps more accurately, as if I was remembering something and had to write it down before I’d forget again. (Weirdly enough, the themes I channeled through those books 15 years ago are strikingly relevant to the Spiritual War we are living through now. But I digress.)

This is how I discovered my love of writing, and I’ve been writing ever since. So if you read my work, you can thank my dragon for putting me on the writer’s path for life. 😉

Fast-forward to this past year. I was perusing one of my favorite websites, GodLikeProductions. Though it’s overrun now with political lunatics, the older version of the forum had some real esoteric gems. Among them, this thread written by an alleged ‘elite insider’. He said this, and it struck me:

when one dreams sometimes he goes to meet all what he has seen before,
sometimes he wanders the astral and stays still creating and reviewing the images he once knew,
sometimes he experiences memories from past life times,
and from his soul memory.
when you go to the astral you have the potential to unlock all the knowledge you have during your existence,
this is the part that stays with the child and as he or she grows up faints because of the brain washing the mind receives,
the part of you that believes in dragons and Cerberus and unicorns is the part that remembers vaguely the life you lived before incarnation,
and repels and is horrified by the people who lie to you regardless of whether they do it intentionally or not,
the part that sees the truth and how the people [are] oppressing the common man and hiding the truth from him,
this part is veiled by layers of brainwashing and by the barrier between the subconsciousness and normal consciousness…

The earliest known depiction of a western-style dragon, dated circa 1260 AD – if history is to be believed lol


It’s rather odd that dragons can be found in the artwork of every major civilization, and yet they’re casually categorized as “mythical.” But it can be argued that ancient people painted what they saw. They painted cows because they saw cows. Likewise, if they were painting dragons… then they were seeing dragons! Same goes for angels and UFOs, two other phenomena that have been documented all around the world since ancient times.

Throughout history, dragons have been depicted as everything from giant serpents, to four-legged snakes, to winged dinosaurs. From this wide range of descriptors, we can speculate that dragons are not a single species, but more like a taxonomical family of beings — just as “canidae” is to “wolf.”

Looking at dragons as a taxonomical family, as opposed to a singular species, may complete a puzzle that both anthropological and esoteric scholars have been attempting to solve for decades. For example,

  • so-called dinosaurs may have actually belonged to this family. Perhaps T-Rex’s infamously short arms makes more sense when imagined as vestigial dragon wings.
  • And speaking of vestigial appendages, this “serpent race” (as skaphologist Pierre Sabak calls it) may have played a role in the creation of human beings. This could explain the phenomenon of vestigial tails. This would also explain the exaltation of serpents in many spiritual traditions, and the proclamation by Vietnamese people that they are the descendants of a dragon and a fairy.
  • The conspiracy of reptoid extraterrestrials could also be related to the mythology of dragons. While the word “reptilian” might make you roll your eyes, the truth is that many abductees have had direct encounters with reptilians long before David Icke popularized the conspiracy and people turned it into a meme. (Sidequest: This website covers the reptilian-dinosaur topic in far more depth.)
The Chinese 12-year wheel, which features 11 “real” animals and 1 “fantasy” animal: the dragon. Interestingly, the dragon is distinguished from the snake, which challenges the claim that dragons are just overgrown snakes. And why would a dragon be included in the Zodiac at all, if it wasn’t as real as the other animals on the wheel?

The word “dragon” is unambiguously used in the Bible in Deuteronomy, Psalm, Isaiah, Jeremiah, and many other passages. Taking these passages into account, alongside mentions of dragons in the Book of Revelation, it becomes clear that the Judeo-Christian Bible acknowledges the existence of a variant of serpentkind that we might call “dragons” today.

For example, the Book of Job features a curious description of the giant armored serpent, Leviathan:

His sneezings flash forth light, and his eyes are like the eyelids of the dawn.
Out of his mouth go flaming torches; sparks of fire leap forth.
Out of his nostrils comes forth smoke, as from a boiling pot and burning rushes.
His breath kindles coals, and a flame comes forth from his mouth.”

Job 41:12-21

Listen, I don’t know about you guys, but this sure sounds like a fire-breathing creature to me. Isaiah 30:6 also explicitly mentions “fiery flying serpents.”

If dragons ever did exist in the physical realm, then the question becomes: Where are they now?

Let’s look at this revealing passage from the Old Testament, which is undoubtedly a historical document:

“So the LORD God said to the serpent, ‘Because you have done this, ‘Cursed are you above all livestock and all wild animals! You will crawl on your belly and you will eat dust all the days of your life.”

Genesis 3:14

For God to condemn the serpent to a life of slithering suggests that snakes didn’t always slither. Did they walk on legs, perhaps? Or might it be possible that they flew?

So this serpent race may have experienced something like a Fall from Grace, or a removal from this plane of existence as punishment for something they did.

The Garden of Eden. Adam, Eve and the Serpent.


Though it’s fun to imagine that dragons literally walked this earth alongside humans, I won’t pretend that I can prove this to you. Other esoteric researchers have used historical documents to “prove” that ancient people encountered dragons. However, Marco Polo could’ve just been describing alligators, for all we know. And the Bible could’ve been describing cobras. Things get lost in translation, and that’s okay.

But as I’m sure you’re aware by now, the physical realm is not all there is.

Yes, I do believe ancient people painted dragons because they saw dragons ⁠— not necessarily with their two physical eyes, but with their psychic sight.

In other words, dragons are interdimensional beings, inhabiting realms accessible only to those sensitives who believe in their existence. Faith is a frequency key to other realities, after all.

A mystic named Irina describes meeting her personal guardian dragon Ernest in a meditation, and developing a relationship with him. Through Ernest, she learned that dragons are powerful spiritual forces associated with the elements. According to her account, they can be called upon for help, protection and spiritual insight. They can also effect weather, much like the Fae.

The reason people don’t see dragons, she says, is because they respect Free Will. So if you want to meet a dragon, you must approach one willingly. If one does appear to you without first being called, it will not interfere in your life unless you grant it permission.

While this may all sound like ~woo woo~ to a hylic, I believe Irina, because I’ve experienced exactly what she’s talking about. Her description of the raw, fearsome power of Ernest is exactly how I’d describe my dragon from the dream. The force of his flight was enough to trigger my lifetime interest in writing. Just one dream of this being unleashed creative power that transfigured my entire Self.

Something about dragons just seems so… evolved. Their wings seem to symbolize their mastery over multiple realms of reality, unlike the snake who exists primarily in the lower planes. Is it any wonder that the dragon is said to be the final form of the kundalini serpent, after the energy is raised all the way up the spine?

Dragons are real, insofar as they can have a real effect on us. Just look at how many people watch Game of Thrones to see dragons, for instance. Irina contends that the recent popularization of dragons in mainstream media (like with the movie How to Train Your Dragon) is a physical manifestation of their metaphysical activity. In other words, as above, so below. The fact that we’re seeing more dragons around us, means that they are more present with us than ever, and are subtly inviting us to meet them…

…or, perhaps more accurately, remember them.

To continue quoting the mysterious “insider” from the beginning of this post:

the human being is a soul not only a body of flesh,
as a spirit you have lived for countless years in the spiritual and subtle planes, and have known so much powerful magic and powers,
and have dealt with demons and angels and made wars and friendships with them,

you have seen dragons unicorns and basilisks and many of the “legendary” creatures,
you have seen many other races across the galaxies,
but when you incarnate your soul memory is limited by your physical memory,
when you incarnate into this physical body your subconsciousness yearns [for] magic and these powers stored deep inside it…

As a closing note: A few days ago, I posted a poll online to ask my readers to vote on which article I should write next. Out of 4 options, the most popular choice, hands down, was “DRAGONS.” I’m not surprised. Many people are drawn to “mythical” beings but can’t put their finger on why. At worst, some people attempt to repress this interest, writing it off as some silly childhood nonsense that they should “grow out of.”

But I am here to tell you that instead of trying to grow out of your interest in esoterica, you should grow into it. That unexplainable “pull” is your intuition guiding you. You know your Self better than anyone else, because no one else can know you.

So if you know that you love dragons, stop trying to talk yourself out of it. Follow the calling. Don’t make the classic hylic mistake of passively waiting for proof of something to appear before you believe in it. Like I said earlier: faith is the key that opens the door to the reality you desire. In other words: believing is seeing.

So hurry up and go meet some dragons already!

They’ve been waiting for you…

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2 thoughts on “Making the Case that Dragons Are Real

  1. Crypto Petitioner April 22, 2021 — 4:59 pm

    Great article and I have to say this is a wonderful introduction to the topic but what we’re deepen conviction is the “forbidden archeology.” I have some of the perfect facts to present in a follow up article on the topic and would be happy to contribute to this.


  2. I love this! I just wanted to leave a quick reply and thank you for your great work! I plan to respond at length in the near future, but I thought this article provided some great information for people to decide whether or not they believe Dragons are real. I personally believe they were/are and it is interesting how the bible tends to believe in things most people consider myth, magic or witchcraft, etc.
    I also notice certain trends or fads in things like colors and animals for various seasons before they become “a thing” in the mainstream. For example, the colors turquoise, dark pink, navy blue, and neon colors plus animals like dragons, unicorns, and peacocks. I would like to look into information about women and dragons! Thanks for listening!


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