SpellCasting 101: How to De-Code (and Re-Code) Reality

You may not believe you’re a magician, occultist or witch. You may not believe your words have any real power over your life. Worse yet, you may even believe spellcasting is evil or demonic, and that you would never participate in such a dark practice.

Regardless of what you believe about magic, the fact of the matter is this: Every time you speak, you cast a spell.

You are perpetually creating reality with the vibrational implements known as “sounds,” “letters,” “words” and “sentences.” You spell your life with words. Second to your faith, your use of language has the most profound effect on both your internal and external world (which are the same — “as above so below,” after all).

This is because all of perceivable reality is, fundamentally, a vibrational symphony.

Yes, your words matter — as in, they become matter. They materialize (matter-real-eyes). This is one of the most crucial things to understand on your journey of waking up.

If you need persuading, please take 5 minutes to watch this eye-opening video, in which a man successfully replicates the age-old experiment of turning rice moldy by speaking hateful, abusive words to it:

This has also been seen with plants. It’s long been known that speaking lovingly to your plants them grow. So imagine how true this is for human beings!


In The Yoga Sutras by Patanjali, the legendary sage provides instructions for developing one’s utmost spiritual potential. One of his guidelines was to be in Truth. If your thoughts, words and actions are not all in alignment, you are living a lie. You are undermining your own creative power and ability to perceive Truth. How then, can you free yourself or others from illusion?

So you want to be Truth-full. All well and good. The problem is, the English language (and perhaps every language) is riddled with negations, hexes and contra-dictions. Even attempts to speak the Truth can be self-sabotaged on a subconscious level.

We are magicians whose power has been systemically meddled-with. But thankfully, we can change that. The first step is becoming conscious of these language traps.


Homophones provide multiple meanings and double speak. Some examples are: source/saurus; god/gaud; know/no; bless you/be less you; pray/prey; son/sun; Sol/soul; avoid/a void; parish/perish; “IT”/Id; identity / Id entity; and icon/I con/eye con; alien / a lien; Sol/S.O.L.; soldier/ Sol dier; bless you / Be less, you; See ya later / See Yah later .

What effect does that have when words with almost opposite meanings are homophones? Think about “know” and “no“. Knowledge is considered a very positive word yet it is linked phonetically with the most negative word in our language. So when you say “I know this to be true” are you partiallly negating its reality?

Also consider the mind’s ability to combine words and sounds. When someone sneezes you feel customarily obligated to say “Bless you”. But if you sound out the syllables does your subconscious mind also make the connection to the phrase “Be less, you”. So the very act of blessing someone can also be subconsciously telling them to be less. This is spell casting.

~ TrickedByTheLight: Language

Is your mind blown yet? Well get ready, because it goes deeper.

Think of literally any societal ill you wish didn’t exist. You think it exists outside of you, yes? You think you have nothing to do with how it came to be. But I’d contend that you do. We all do. And most of the time, we don’t even know it.

Take for example, pedophilia. Most people think of themselves as being against pedophilia. But how many of those same people, do you think, use the word “baby” to describe their romantic partner?
Stop and think about that.
We use the same word “baby” to mean both “infant” and “person I have sex with.”
What the fuck.

Oh, and speaking of fuck — have you ever seen a more multi-purpose word? As I’ve written before, “fuck” can be either a curse or a synonym for lovemaking. Most of us are against rape — or, we think we are. But we use the same exact word to convey both consensual sex and sexual violence. And the warping of sex-related words is especially concerning to me, because one’s sexual power is one’s creative power. The systemic denigration of our vocabulary around sex is probably a key part of why we experience sexual misery.

In both of these examples, we can see a clear discrepancy between what a person claims to stand for, versus what they casually express on a regular basis.

To further illustrate, let’s take a look at today’s culture. In particular, Generation Z has a penchant for sentence-ing themselves to death. Here we have an entire generation of teens who say “I’M LITERALLY DEAD 💀💀💀” whenever they laugh at a meme. Imagine that! We now use the same word for death as we do for joy. It should not surprise you, then, to learn that most of Gen Z’s memes glorify suicide as something hilarious and light-hearted. Is it any wonder why Gen Z is also a severely depressed, suicidal population?

It’s one thing when young kids use words irresponsibly and cause damaging cultural reverberations. It’s another thing when adults do this. Take a look at your typical Millennial liberals. They’re the ones aggressively chanting #ICantBreathe when they can, in fact, breathe. They’re the ones calling transwomen “women” when transwomen are obviously male. They’re at protests belligerently shouting “No justice, no peace!” and later wondering why there’s no justice and no peace. This is the unconscious use of language.

Ironically, it’s the people who think of themselves as the fiercest advocates of Truth who are the most self-deceptive. That said, it does not surprise me at all that we have globally arrived at peak self-deception, where we demonstrate that we are “all in this together” by standing 6 feet apart and hiding our faces from each other.

Why do we desecrate our words, the very material with which we build worlds for each other, and render them impotent before anything has even been created? Why do we incessantly strike pickaxes against cornerstones, then wonder why the world is collapsing all around us? Whenever we invert a word, we undermine (under-mind) our own spellcasting power.

As a favorite feminist blogger of mine once said, “Thoughts manifest materially. It is not enough to outlaw rape. It must cease to exist. It must be unconscionable.”

Unconscionable. Unimaginable. Incapable of taking root in the mind in the first place. Re-member: The subconscious mind is the place from which we primarily manifest reality. So the more light you can shine on the beliefs and desires lurking in your shadowy subconscious, the more consciously you can channel your creative power. Eliminate self-deception by becoming hyper-aware of the words you use and what they real-ly mean. Then choose words more care-fully. This is what it means to be in Truth, and what it takes to cast a spell.


Once you’ve become aware of subconscious language traps, you can begin practicing conscious spellcasting.

Let’s imagine someone whose boss is mean and critical. They decide to cast a spell to improve their workplace experience. Here are two different versions of the same sentiment. Which spell is more likely to bring about their preferred reality?

“I feel unbothered by my boss’s criticisms.”“I am appreciated by my boss.”

The positive spell has more potential, and here’s why:

The negative spell is actually manifesting the same reality that the magician wishes to get away from. This is because it uses words associated with what the magician doesn’t want. Yes, even though the word “unbothered” was chosen, it still carries the vibration of “bothered” within it. It is also weakened by its focus on feeling rather than being the preferred reality.

By contrast, the positive spell is empowered by the word “appreciated,” and focuses on being (“I AM”) rather than merely feeling. It contains no negative sentiments at all — not even subliminally.

For more on the power of “I AM!” statements, here’s an in-spiring 4-minute video:

In general, you may want to avoid words with negative prefixes, like “un-” “dis-” “non-” “anti-“, etc. Because instead of transmuting the word to something positive, they’re more like add-ons to a word with an established negative meaning. Whenever possible, choose words with a singular, unaltered definition.

Further examples:

Weakened spellEmpowered spell
“I reject unhappiness.”“I welcome joy.”
“I will be free from suffering.”“I experience inner peace with grace and ease.”
“My poverty will disappear one day.”“I currently live in abundance.”


My grandmother told me, “Never say you are sick. Even if you are sick, say you are healing. Words do manifest.”

John Lennon

As I said earlier, the power of your words is, for argument’s sake, secondary to the power of your inner state. You can change your reality faster by being as if the reality you want already exists, without needing to say a word out loud. Adding words to the process simply amplifies the magick. So ideally, you’d feel convinced of every word you say. Remember, the goal is not to convince ourselves of something that isn’t true, but to access existing truths by having faith in their existence.

So what’s the difference between spellcasting and lying? What if you don’t believe the words you’re saying?

Get into the habit of being as Truthful as you can be whilst reclaiming your creative power. If you don’t fully believe your preferred reality is possible, say the next-best thing. For example, if you’re in a state of self-loathing but you want to be in self-love, instead of forcing yourself to chant the words “I love myself,” you can chant “I am developing self-love” instead. This way, you’re using both faith and words together, without lying or undermining yourself.

I highly recommend this 5-minute video if you’re struggling with believing your own spells. Yes, Teal Swan is controversial. But even a stopped watch is right twice a day 😉


Most people have absolutely zero awareness that their external world is, at all times and in all ways, an exact representation of their inner state. As above, so below. As within, so without. There is no escaping the mirror of one’s own shadow that we call “reality.” The sooner you accept this, the better.

But when we are wounded by trauma, pain, grief, loss and sadness, hearing someone say “You create your reality” feels like being spit on. I know this firsthand, having healed myself of numerous illnesses, both physical and mental. When I was in my state of suffering, it enraged me to be told that I had somehow caused my own victimization. “How dare you blame me?” I wanted to shout at these terrible, awful people who were trying to re-mind me of my power. “Don’t you know what they did to me?!”

But I’ve come to this innerstanding that revolutionized my approach to life, and I’ve been living in bliss and excitement ever since, easily manifesting my desires with little more than thoughts, feelings and words. By sharing this revelation with you, I intend to plant a seed in your mind that will bloom into self-empowerment, all in its perfect time:

We are all creating reality together. So when you aren’t aware of your creative potential… when you aren’t purpose-fully and intention-ally channeling creativity towards the reality you desire… Others will create reality for you. You might be lucky to have people who pray on your behalf for your well-being. Or you might be influenced by people who are operating from their unexamined shadow. At worst, you’ll be passively subjected to every single spell that comes from your phone, celebrity idols, social media feed, political leaders, computer, magazines, billboards, TV screen….

So if you’re wounded, it doesn’t necessarily mean you wanted to be traumatized, or that you asked for bad things to happen. It simply means that you were sleeping… while others were awake and aware, actively playing with this shared holographic reality.

The good news is, this Hologram is open-source, for anyone to participate in the creation of. The only person really stopping you from participating… is you. For some reason it’s become popular for awakening people to lament that They (secret societies, power elites, the Illuminati, etc.) control everything, and They are manipulating us all with their secret occult practices.

But hey, guess what? They aren’t more powerful than you. So what are you waiting for? Start reclaiming your power!

All spellcasting really is, is a taking of responsibility for your reality. You could even go a step further by taking responsibility for everyone’s reality, vowing to manifest only that which is aligned with the Highest Good of All. But before you can manifest anything, for yourself or anyone else, you must do so with conscious intention.

So it’s time to become lucid…. and make an important decision.

You have the choice

…to see all this decoding-and-recoding magickal spellwork as some unfair, annoying, morally-questionable thing… to feel burdened by the weight of the s-word in your hands…

…or, to be EXCITED that all one needs to be a powerful, reality-altering magician is to consciously apply one’s energy.

You don’t need money; you don’t need to be an initiate of a mystery school; you don’t need colored candles, a magic wand or any expensive spiritual object; and you definitely don’t need the help or guidance of any spirits or entities.

You need only become conscious of, and responsible with, the power that is already within you.

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