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It’s safe to say that most people don’t look more deeply into most of the perspectives they’ve adopted. That applies to political stances, cultural values, and definitely religious beliefs. This kind of “third eye blindness” poses obvious dangers. As it turns out, what you don’t know can hurt you — and often does.

But the handful of humans who do actively question mainstream narratives, face a different kind of danger. And that is: The danger of believing they’ve already questioned their beliefs enough, and therefore have reached a sort of ideological ‘safe zone’ where they don’t need to review their perspectives anymore. In other words: They’ve got it aaaalllllllllllll figured it out, unlike those dumb sheeple who still think the Moon is real. (I jest, I jest.)

It’s as though they think they’re immune to the pitfalls of ignorance by virtue of being counterculture, having an unpopular opinion, or just ‘being spiritual,’ whatever that even means.

An obvious example of this ideological pitfall, is the phenomenon of scientism. Basically that’s what happens when someone is so certain of their ability to apply the scientific method in pursuit of factual information, that ironically, they start acting very zealous about their so-called scientific beliefs, shouting down questions and refusing to accept new information that contradicts their beliefs… which is, uh, the opposite of scientific. (COVID psyop, anyone?)

But I’m getting away from the topic of this post. So!

The New Age, right?

It’s got a rather innocuous-looking exterior. Walk into any New Age shop and you’ll find crystals, Deepak Chopra books, and posters of the chakra system. Scroll through the New Age side of Instagram or TikTok, and you’ll see a bunch of teenage girls waving incense smoke toward the camera, “cleansing” viewers with white smoke while 963Hz music plays in the background. Seems that New Agers are primarily concerned with manifesting money using the Law of Attraction, finding out what kind of starseed they are, and generally radiating positive vibes.

Harmless stuff, right?

Yeah, harmless as a honey trap.


There are plenty of criticisms one could leverage against the New Age, such as its blatant racism, classism, ableism, and so on. And there’s no shortage of traditional Christians condemning it as Luciferian/Satanic in nature.

But I have yet to see a Gnostic appraisal of the subtle dangers of New Age thought. So, being Gnostic, I guess I’ll have to write it myself! 🙂

First, a nutshell version of Gnosticism:

In a world where evil forces seek relentlessly to enslave you with appeals to their “authority over” you, liberation from the Control System is found in fully trusting and embodying Your own authority, sovereignty and power. Truth is not found externally, but internally through the Gnostic process, or, the acquisition of knowledge via psychic in-sight that could not have possibly been guessed or learned otherwise.

^ That axiom will be your point of reference for the arguments to follow.

I’ve already written about how the chakra system / kundalini serpent-raising protocol, popularized by the New Age, may actually bind and compartmentalize one’s spiritual power. So right there, is an example of how the New Age fosters blind dependence on guidebook processes for “enlightenment,” which ironically cannot be found in a guidebook.

There are plenty of other things-that-make-you-go-hmm. For instance, the New Age’s calls for spiritual homogenization among all races of humanity, runs parallel to the New World Order, with its demands for one-world government, and/or the A.I. Singularity, which seeks to create a unified hive-mind across humanity. Someone (if I remember who, I’ll post it here) even pointed out that so-called “Ascension symptoms” bear an eery resemblance to the symptoms of 5G radiation sickness. The “Ascension” narrative may in fact by an operation to normalize a WiFi-saturated world among those who’d be most sensitive to its effects, neutering them as a potential spiritual counterforce against the A.I. takeover.

There’s very likely an agenda at work here. Not many people or movements get this popular in the Control System unless it somehow serves the whims of the occult elites. The New Age had its roots in Luciferianism, remember? I have come to wonder if the entire point of the New Age is to misrepresent and distort spiritual Truths, leading participants deeper and deeper into a labyrinth of fun-house mirrors that siphons their spiritual potential as they search and search and search in vain for themselves in the reflections, until they are glassy-eyed drones drooling about ‘love and light’ with no energy left to trace their path back out of the labyrinth.

More than simply distort information, the New Age fosters infantile dependence on external teachers like gurus, and provides initiation rites for finding one’s “soul family,” “guardian angel” or “spirit guides” to learn under. Ironically, many New Agers are ex-Christians (or ex-adherents to other major religions), who pride themselves in having broken free from abuse by religious authorities. Then, as born-again New Agers, they go right back to playing follow-the-leader. But it’s cool because this time the leader’s name is Reficul and he comes from Star System 666. 🙃

New Agers are openly encouraged to channel information from “light beings” and other shady entities, who seem to love hijacking their host’s body in exchange for “knowledge” and stories about life on other planets. I don’t know about you guys, but on principle, I’m suspect of any “higher being” who “needs” to take over my body in order to relay information. If they’re so advanced, can’t they think of a better way? It reeks of energetic vampirism, exploitation and deception.

And this animator-puppet dynamic plays right into the hands of the New World Order A.I.-driven global slavery agenda. In fact, I’ll never forget the moment in an interview with channeler Bracha Goldsmith about the post-COVID “New Normal,” where the Pleiadian being channeled gleefully proclaimed, “Oh yes, you will be microchipped!”

A “love and light” being took over somebody’s body to say that?

Are we sure they are who they say they are?

New Agers be like

Seems that in the New Age, knowledge is only legitimate if it’s sourced from some being who claims to be from outer space, or from one’s ancestral lineage, or from anywhere other than one’s own direct inner wisdom. In which case, the New Age looks a lot like the Old Age.

Even something as seemingly harmless as “angel numbers” takes people away from their own wisdom.

See, angel numbers is like the cheap knock-off version of its predecessor, Synchromysticism:

Synchromysticism, a portmanteau of synchronicity and mysticism, is “the art of realising meaningful coincidences in the seemingly mundane with mystical or esoteric significance.”

Jake Kotze 

Synchromysticism is fundamentally an alchemical endeavor. It’s a revelation of the state of one’s inner world, by way of signs and symbols from the “outer” world. Honing one’s sensitivity to synchronicities is essentially a Gnostic process, because the synchromystic’s capacity to perceive patterns, subtle energies and interconnectedness is directly proportionate to their degree of self-awareness.

In other words, a “synchronicity” is what happens when your dark, shadowy subconscious mind is illuminated by the light of your conscious mind, thus removing the barrier of ignorance that kept them compartmentalized from each other. So yes, the skeptics are partially correct in saying that seeing 11:11 all the time is just your own subconscious mind signaling its mysterious functions to your conscious mind…. but that’s the point. If you’re a magician doing the Great Work, the whole point is to unite the two parts of your mind into one whole, so nothing is hidden anymore. Solve et coagula: “Dissolve and conjoin.”

This is the essence of Synchromysticism: Everything is so wondrously and beautifully connected… but you won’t see these connections until you reconnect yourself to yourself! As within, so without! Once you reconnect, the synchronicities will blow your mind over and over and over and over, like a nonstop series of heartgasms. And as a consequence, tarot (for example) goes from being some silly game of chance, to an undeniable reflection of the infinite possibilities of the cosmos, purposefully selected and arranged by your very own hands.

mood forever

But Synchromysticism has been bastardized by the New Age into this new concept of “Angel Numbers.”

Now, if someone for example sees “11:11” all the time, they are told that this means “~angels~” or “deceased loved ones” are “trying to communicate with them.” Then to really drive the self-sabotage home, people are encouraged to Google-search what the numbers “mean,” which further reduces trust in one’s ability to make sense of their own mind’s messages to itself.

This “angel numbers” thing has got people crediting their hard-earned internal transfiguration to external entities, the alleged ‘divinity’ of which we have no means to confirm. This covertly undermines the Gnostic aspect of Synchromysticism, in that it discourages sovereign, personal in-sight in favor of generalized prescriptions legitimized by ‘higher beings.’

But it’s not angels talking to you, my friend, it’s YOU. They don’t necessarily know more than you do just because they’re angels.

To return to the point made at the beginning of this post: There are a lot of questions that need asking, but aren’t being asked, because the New Age has this slimy way of tricking people into thinking they’ve already found the enlightened path, so they need not ask further questions.

Here are the presumptions inherent in the concept of angel numbers:

  • …angels are trying to communicate loving messages to you (for some reason)
  • They communicate through numbers (for some reason)
  • The meaning is relayed by channelers (for some reason)
  • The angels need channelers to convey the meaning (for some reason)
  • You can trust what the channeler says the meaning is, because it was channeled from an angel, and angels are good.
  • We know angels are good because they try to communicate loving messages to us…

See how this is a circular-logic feedback loop? Take down one of these precepts, and you take them all down.

New Agers, generally, lack discernment, as well as a sense of actions having consequences as it pertains to their spiritual choices. Like, do you understand that inviting a being into your body, even temporarily, is a soul contract? Do you understand that doing a guided meditation to meet your “spirit guide” is a summoning ritual? Do you understand that a being who encourages you to trust them more than you trust yourself is a trickster spirit? And have you ever commanded your “spirit guides” point-blank to reveal their true name, form and intentions to you?

You have to understand, there are beings in this realm who greatly benefit from your ignorance. Frankly, they are evil geniuses. These spiritual predators have every base covered. There’s not a trap they haven’t set. They are crafty, sophisticated and ruthless in their crusade to make an eternal food source out of your soul. That is no exaggeration. I wish it was.

We are the real light-beings, who generate infinite free energy from the God-Spark within ourSelves. And they, parasite-vampires, can only leech off of the power we have. They are lying when they say they come to “teach” and to “give.” They give us nothing we don’t already have.

In closing, I have one dire warning: Never, ever, ever underestimate how far a predator will go to lie, manipulate and con you. That is just as true in the spiritual realm as it is in the physical. Their hunger for souls knows no bounds, their sociopathy is bottomless, and their trickery is beyond what you, an honest person, can comprehend.

They are so tricky, in fact, that they have figured out how to recruit sincerely innocent humans into their sick power games, thus cloaking their presence and agenda. Many of the New Agers who promote this ideology, genuinely have no clue whose agenda they’re actually serving.

12 And I will keep on doing what I am doing in order to cut the ground from under those who want an opportunity to be considered equal with us in the things they boast about.
13 For such people are false apostles, deceitful workers, masquerading as apostles of Christ.
14 And no wonder, for Satan himself masquerades as an angel of light.

2 Corinthians 11:12-14

But the good news is: These games can be easily exposed with a simple question.

So next time some New Ager parrots something about “spirituality,” “Ascension” or “enlightenment,”

ask them how they Gno.


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