“The best way to predict the future is to create it.” ~ Peter Drucker

Scripting is a highly effective and easy practice I took up in 2021. All you have to do is write about your desired reality as if it’s your current reality. So for example, if you want a car but don’t currently have one, you would write in your scripting journal, “I am so grateful for my new car; I love the way the interior smells; I love how it drives so smoothly,” etc. as if you’re experiencing the car currently.

Originally, I was only Scripting for myself. But when I started getting what I wanted (in record time!), I decided to extend my Scripting practice to include my loved ones, being mindful not to impede their free will. Lo and behold, my Scripting worked for them too!

So now, to close out 2021, I’ve decided to make some 2022 “predictions” by Scripting an ideal future on behalf of humanity as a whole.

Please share this post far and wide, to get these reality-seeds rooted in as many minds as possible!

Please also read this post out loud to give the words extra power.

(For Patrons, I’ve recorded 2 versions of this essay: one with pauses so you can repeat after me, and one without pauses if you’d rather just listen.)

Ready? Let’s create the future!

In 2022:

The COVID psyop (which includes, but is not limited to: all attempts at population control, medical tyranny, mainstream media fear-mongering and propaganda, the censorship of truth, and removing inborn liberties in the name of “health” and “safety”) is swiftly losing its appeal among the masses.

As the designers and beneficiaries of this COVID psyop continue to overplay their hand, more and more people realize that masks, needles, lockdowns, and all the other features of this COVID psyop, are NOT in their best interests.

A mass awakening is in full effect all around the world.

In 2022:

Everyday, billions of people realize they are sovereign, and that they have the option to withdraw from participation in the COVID psyop.

Everyday, billions of people find within themselves the courage to openly question and critique the COVID psyop.

Everyday, billions of people say “NO!” to mandates, propaganda, fear-based cultural division, censorship, and the suppression of their inborn liberties.

Everyday, billions of people say “YES!” to organic evolution, authentic expression, community-building activities, and that which serves the highest good of all.

Everyday, billions of people freely exchange valuable information that empowers them to heal themselves, repair all worldly damage done by the COVID psyop, and recognize and reject anti-human agendas.

Everyday, billions of people reclaim their attention from the COVID psyop and apply it instead to the conscious, intentional creation of a pro-human, life-loving world.

This awakening impacts more and more people everyday, until the majority of humans remember and reclaim their inborn power and free will.

Once this tipping point is reached, the majority of humans begin to explore and experiment with love-based, community-oriented endeavors wherein resources (both tangible and intangible) are shared and synergized.

In 2022:

Culturally-engineered divisions are transmuted into spontaneous celebrations of diversity.

The impulse to hoard is transmuted into the desire to share.

The perception of scarcity is transmuted into the ability to generate Free Energy.

The urge to judge and censor is transmuted into the willingness to explore perspectives.

The fear of infection and contamination is transmuted into an insistence upon face-to-face, in-the-flesh human interaction.

Social media addiction is transmuted into a healthy interest in life-sustaining, mind-honoring hobbies.

The closed circuit (Control System) gives way to the open circuit (Free Energy) for anyone and everyone who desires it.

New paths and possibilities become obvious to people who are ready to leave their limitations, fears and excuses behind.

In 2022:

The majority of humans learn the mechanisms of the occult (particularly of lesser magick) enough to see how we’ve been deceived and manipulated en masse.

The majority of humans come to terms with the fact that their beloved politicians, religious figures and celebrities have been both complicit and active participants in the disempowerment and destruction of innocent beings to support their lifestyles.

The spell of spiritual blindness is broken for the majority of humans, so that the damage can be accurately assessed, in order for healing to begin.

The majority of humans finally forfeit the urge to deny, ignore or downplay the scope of the vampire-parasite pedophile agenda.

The majority of humans learn how they’ve allowed their free will to be manipulated in service of dark agendas. As a result of this new awareness, the majority of humans take responsibility for their thoughts, feelings, words, and actions, effectively withdrawing from the co-creation of a world fueled by innocent blood.

Those adults who have benefited in any way, shape or form – whether directly or indirectly – from abusing and harming innocent children, experience swift and harsh justice. They, too, begin to recognize that non-harmful ways of living are not only possible, but ethically imperative. They accept the consequences of their actions and sincerely seek redemption.

As many child victim-survivors of the vampiric-parasitic pedophile agenda as possible, are brought to safe places where they can process their trauma and heal.

In 2022:

the majority of humans freely choose to radically restructure society in favor of humanity’s organic, love-based spiritual evolution.

The majority of humans commit to sharing their gifts with their communities, exchanging inspiration and excitement in a way that foundationally supports a fulfilling future of love, life and liberty for all beings.

We remember our power and purpose.

We remember that we are beautifully and totally interdependent.

We remember to Love each other.

Welcome to the New Earth. Enjoy!

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