Metaverse: The Land of No Imagination

I’m hardly the first writer to lament the state of humanity. More over, I’m far from the most eloquent critic. I mean, how can anyone compete with this Charles Bukowski poem about mob mentality?

There is enough treachery, hatred, violence,
Absurdity in the average human being
To supply any given army on any given day.
AND The Best At Murder Are Those
Who Preach Against It.
And The Best At Hate Are Those
Who Preach LOVE

Those Who Preach GOD
Those Who Preach PEACE
Do Not Have Peace.
Beware The Knowers.

Those Who

Beware Those Who Either Detest
Poverty Or Are Proud Of It

BEWARE Those Quick To Praise
For They Need PRAISE In Return

BEWARE Those Who Are Quick To Censure:
They Are Afraid Of What They Do
Not Know

Beware Those Who Seek Constant
Crowds; They Are Nothing

The Average Man
The Average Woman
BEWARE Their Love

Their Love Is Average, Seeks
But There Is Genius In Their Hatred
There Is Enough Genius In Their
Hatred To Kill You, To Kill

Not Wanting Solitude
Not Understanding Solitude
They Will Attempt To Destroy
That Differs
From Their Own

Not Being Able
To Create Art
They Will Not
Understand Art

They Will Consider Their Failure
As Creators
Only As A Failure
Of The World

Not Being Able To Love Fully
They Will BELIEVE Your Love

And Their Hatred Will Be Perfect

Like A Shining Diamond
Like A Knife
Like A Mountain
LIKE Hemlock

Their Finest

- Charles Bukowski, "The Genius of the Crowd"

He said it all. I could end this post right now and it would be complete.

But, being the spitfire I am, I can’t help but add my own little ~flair~ to this discussion.

So humans, right? Sometimes, they just fucking suck.
In fact, I haven’t written a new post in over 4 months because people fucking suck. (Thankfully I had my new music project, When Humans Had Wings, to focus on in the meanwhile.)

Yes, I know. Technically it is my responsibility to grow a thicker skin and speak my truth regardless of what people say. (I’ve been writing for 7 years, this ain’t my first rodeo!)

But whereas in the past, readers would occasionally insult me personally (and I’d laugh, because it was obvious that they couldn’t address my actual point so they resorted to childish verbal abuse), these days, the negative feedback I’ve been getting has been of a completely different quality.

It’s just… non-sense.
People blather. They take up space. They demand my attention for no good reason.
And instead of “occasionally,” it’s all the bloody time.

People respond just to respond. They say the first thing that pops into their head, which is usually the most self-centered thought. Doesn’t matter how irrelevant, or poorly planned, or pointless, or antagonistic their comment is. They just have to write it and send it to me. It’s like their hands are possessed by the internet daemons.

To put it in more abstract/psychic terms… people are leaking energy. BIG TIME. Words come bursting out of them with no forethought, and volatile emotions steer their actions. People have lost all control of their online behavior. Scrolling, reacting, sharing and commenting has become a compulsion. A reflex. An automated activity.

A programmed behavior.

It’s honestly gotten to the point where I’ve begun to reconsider The Point of writing about any Big Ideas. Why bother discussing vast cosmic questions about Consciousness, God, Psychic Abilities, Dreams, etc., when I feel like I’m essentially talking to robots who cannot compute what I’m saying?


People have become robots.

I had to pause after writing that, because… ugh, chills.

But please listen to me. I am using the plainest language I can use:





And no, I’m not just talking about vaccinated people, though generally they seem to be a tad more cyborg-ified than others. My fellow “conspiracy theorists” have become this way as well. The problem is not so much what opinion people have on current events, but the fact that people feel collectively and uniformly passionate about the same current events, at the same time, at all.

Everywhere I go online, be it Facebook or Instagram or YouTube, everyone’s always parroting the same buzzwords. “Will Smith!” “Ukraine!” “Elon Musk!” Or, if they’re not parroting the mainstream narrative, they’re mocking the parrots… like I’m doing now.

Everyday the safe zones are overtaken; the doors to other perceptual dimensions seem narrower and narrower; the illumined souls are harder and harder to seek and find.

What sucks even more… is that I predicted this. Way back at the beginning of the Cooties-19 Psyop, I wrote the following passage:

We may have created AI initially, but now? AI is creating us. Or, perhaps more accurately, AI is un-creating us. All it takes is but one moment of clarity to see that we are becoming like the machines. We are losing our sentience. We are losing our self-awareness. We are losing our empathy, love, and sense of how to treat each other.
We are living through a realtime merging of organic consciousness with machine consciousness on a global scale. The AI style of “thinking” […] is overriding our organic, human way of thinking. The mental takeover is so advanced, so calculating, and so subtle, that the vast majority of people being overtaken do not detect it happening.

~ from my 2020 essay “Why I Will Not Take the COVID Vaccine

This absolute lack of original ideas… this hyper-mediocrity…. this mind-numbing monotony… THIS IS WHAT I WAS TALKING ABOUT.

This is Transhumanism.
This is cyborg-ification.
This is a hivemind in the making.

And every single one of us, to some degree or another, has allowed our consciousness to be influenced, warped, distorted and manipulated by Artificial Intelligence. To interact here in this virtual space called the Internet (and I’ll re-mind you that a “net” is a way to catch prey), is to voluntarily contribute energy to the Meta-Verse.

So what is the Meta-Verse?

I’ll tell you my theory real quick.

The MetaVerse

Long story short: Shadow occultists run the world, they’re evil voidspawned vampire-parasites with no Creative GodSpark in them, so they use lesser magick to trick us into using our free will to create their desired world and voluntarily enslave ourselves within it for their benefit, blah blah. You already know.

So within that context: The Metaverse is a universe unto itself.

Again, I’m being as literal as I know how to be.

These technocratic-transhumanistic occultists are literally making a universe.

A whole universe.


Because if you make a universe, you can make up its operating laws, too. It’s like having one’s own private galaxy, or level of Hell, or astral plane.

The laws of the land don’t apply to the Metaverse. Because the Metaverse is controlled by AI daemons. You’re on their turf now.

Banned from posting? Go somewhere else, then. This is Facebook’s house.
Censored? Next time read the Terms and Conditions before you try expressing an opinion.
Lost all your followers overnight? Oh, well. Should have thought about that before you signed up for Instagram.

It’s actually kind of bewildering to see people complain that their “free speech” isn’t protected in the Metaverse. No shit it isn’t. Because the Metaverse isn’t governed by Maritime Law. It can’t be. It’s not a physical realm. (And for that matter, Maritime Law shouldn’t even be a thing, but that’s a post for another day.)

Do you see what they’ve done?

They’ve shepherded us into a New Universe. One that they used our energy to make. At no point in this entire Big Tech Takeover, were any of us forced to join it.

We all volunteered.

Of our own Free Will.

To participate in their realm, on their terms.

And now, as a consequence, we are becoming cyborg slaves to the robots.

Isn’t that something?

And don’t even get me started on the Blockchain!

But anyway. I’m getting off-topic. </sidequest>


I remember the first time I saw this painting, “The Hallucinogenic Toreador” by Salvador Dalí, in person.

I was nearing the end of my battle with an eating disorder, at the lowest weight I’ve ever been. My family took me to the Salvador Dali Museum in St Petersburg Florida, because he’s my favorite artist, and I guess this was their way of trying to bring me back to life.

This painting is huge. It felt like standing in front of a 2-story building, but the building was a vivid and intricately detailed painting of an altered state of consciousness.
I stared in pure awe for a long, long time. And I started to believe that maybe staying alive would be worth it after all.

To know that this level of magnificence came out of a human being was almost unfathomable.


Studying Dalí’s life and body of work has instilled a strong love of Potential in me. Now, I see the potential in everyone. Not just the standard abilities that are exalted by the mainstream, like intelligence or singing talent, but also the unnameable, unspeakable powers. The psychic powers. The spiritual powers.

I have friends who can walk into any room and immediately generate POSSIBILITIES that didn’t exist before.
I have friends who are so charismatic, they can make anyone feel brave enough to break into spontaneous public dance.
I know people who can make any room look like a palace, dazzling and ornate, dripping with beauty.
I know people who, with one look, can make you want to pursue your childhood dreams again.

I know power-full people. I know people who emanate pure Lifeforce.
I know inspired people, who inspire people. To “in-spire” is “to breathe life into.” I know people who can bring the dead back to life with the magnificence, the awesomeness, of their Art.

And even in this Land of No Imagination, where everybody talks and walks and thinks and feels the same way… where everybody makes the same videos from the same prompts about the same trending hashtags… where everyone is expected to generate content non-stop, like a machine… where it’s getting harder to tell when you’re talking to a robot or a human online, and even our cities look like circuitboards…

Even here, in the Metaverse, I gno that Art prevails.

Imagination: I Magi Nation

I would like to see my fellow Creators posting things that come from their Heart: content that is spontaneous, unique, renewing, and throbbing with Life…
…instead of almost exclusively responding to the latest mass-produced hot topic, & then idling around until the Cultural Conveyor Belt produces another hot topic to discuss. 

People are always thanking me for “inspiring” them, but there’s no reason you can’t generate that feeling within yourself. This is something I had to learn in order to make the shift from “I’m a victim of circumstance” to “I’m actively engaging with my reality.” So when I say these things, I say them from experience, and perhaps more importantly, from Love.

All humans are free-energy generators. We all have the Divine GodSpark in us, no exceptions. Creativity is our natural state and is indicative of a soul well-nourished.

And so this mass-pacification I’m seeing… this virtual hivemind… where everyone drones on about the same stuff, using the same words and concepts, constantly… deeply concerns me. When more and more people’s social media posts start to look indistinguishable from each others’, I know the ‘power has gone out,’ so to speak.

You were not born to be a hungry ghost, or passive consumer, perpetually waiting on someone else to generate content for you to feed on. If you’ve been inexplicably agitated lately, ask yourself when is the last time you shared something with the world that came from YOUR essence, that shines with YOUR unique and beautiful light? If it’s been too long, go make art. Now. Please. Now.

Because that, my loves, is what the transhumanists are attempting to take from us.

Our breath.
Our imagination.
Our art.
Our hopes, our dreams, our unique gifts.
They’re trying to take away the very light from our eyes.

Don’t let them.

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