To See Things as They Are

My Instagram followers requested that I start doing “paranormal storytime,” so here’s one of many such stories from my personal history.

And yes, this really happened.

A few years back, I decided to hold an event called “Let’s Talk About Death.” It was to be a group discussion on Death, hosted by me, with performances by local artists in between. When scouting for venues, I found a listing for a place in Brooklyn that fit the vibe I was going for. So I went to see it in person.

The owners (Jordan and Jordan — if you’re reading this, hi! :D) showed me around, gave me the specs, all that. Then they left me alone for a few minutes. While standing there alone in the dimly lit venue, a ghost made itself known to me.

I suddenly got the sense that a presence was in the room. I felt him walk right up to me, whereupon my psychic senses kicked in, and a flood of details entered my awareness: He was a middle-aged Caucasian man of average height, wearing a blue windbreaker with some sports team’s logo on it, and a baseball cap. I didn’t get the sense that he was being territorial, as some deceased spirits are. If anything, he just wanted me to know he was there.

Then, the ghost walked to the door that leads to the backyard, and pulled it. The door slowly, silently opened by a few inches. I mentally told the ghost, Yes, I see you and acknowledge your presence.

Then, just as slowly, the door closed.

About the time I hosted a death cafe in a haunted basement.

After the Jordans returned and we got some logistical stuff out of the way, I broached the subject: “Has anyone ever told you your basement is haunted?”

Jordan 1 answered, “Yeah, but I haven’t seen anything for myself.”

Just then, the backyard door began to open again.

I noticed it first, and pointed to it. The two of them looked to the door, and it continued to slowly open more and more, about an inch per second. Then it stopped halfway, as if for dramatic effect.

Now here we were, the 3 of us, planning an event about Death… watching the resident ghost deliberately open a door right before our eyes.

Jordan 1 said, “It could be the wind.” But there was no wind. The door was still, and so were the leaves on the trees outside.

I could psychically see the ghost-man who was moving the door. So I said, “That’s definitely a ghost.”

Jordan 2 made a remark about being open to the possibility of paranormal activity, and continued to stare curiously. 

Now that everyone had shared their perspective aloud, the door began to close back up. It seemed the ghost, disappointed that his attempts to be acknowledged didn’t work on the 2 Jordans, had given up on trying.

At least, for the time being.

me on the stage; the door is on the left

Fast forward to the night of the event: While someone was performing, the ghost decided to announce his presence by opening the door again (which was right next to the stage). 

As the emcee, I didn’t want to risk letting something distract attention from the performer. So I discreetly stood up and pretended to casually lean on the door frame, but the door continued to deliberately push against my back. And just like the first time, there was no wind.

I was in full view of the entire audience, and anyone with a functioning third eye would’ve seen through my charade: No, I wasn’t ~casually leaning against the door.~ I was in an actual power struggle (albeit a humorous one) with a ghost.

But naturally, everyone’s physical eyes were on the performer. The only person aware of the ghost, yet again, was me. 

When it became clear that nobody else was paying attention, the ghost closed the door again…

…and our little show about Death went on,

ironically oblivious to the presence of Death himself.

I think about this incident from time to time, when contemplating “The Veil.” This series of events was the perfect example of how people can occupy the same room, but be in different realities.

And perhaps, the only thing separating my reality from yours is a willingness to see things as they are.

I mean, come on. There was no freaking wind!!!

4 thoughts on “To See Things as They Are

  1. “People can occupy the same room, but be in different realities” yet “the only thing separating my reality from yours is a willingness to see things as they are.”

    Say it louder for ALL the folks in the back!!!!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. when i was younger i ”felt ” things. not so much these days, or there’s nothing to feel. idk.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Most children are natural psychics, but it’s indoctrinated out of them by our hylic culture


      1. i still did when i was grown, just not lately.


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