Inside the Serpent’s Circuit

This post is Part 1 of a series on Free Energy.
Part 2: The Heart of the Matter
Part 3: Chaos Theory, Meet Chaos Practice
Part 4: Entering the Zero-Point
Part 5: “Thoughts and Prayers”

If you’re alive and kicking in 2022, you’re probably at least somewhat aware that Something Very Big is happening in the world right now. And I’m not just talking about COVID. I mean the Earth itself seems to be undergoing a massive shift… and despite the intensity of this seismic activity, what we’re shifting towards still seems to be a mystery to most people. With this series of posts, I intend to clear up some of that confusion.

The Great Reset. The 2045 Initiative. The New World Order. The Transhumanist Agenda.

It goes by many names, but the objective is always the same: The enslavement of all biological Life, and total control of Consciousness.

But how did we get here? And who’s doing this to us?

Get ready lovelings: I’m about to take you on a crash course through the principles of Free Energy… which will awaken your soul-memories of Utopia, the realm of Truth and Light that you originally came from.

Because admit it: You’ve always known, deep down in your soul, that Earth is far more than just a ball of dirt floating in a vast, dark void. And you are not an evolutionary accident.

Let’s Begin.

The Mythical “Material”

We live in a shared Consciousness Experience called “reality,” and this reality is made up of a substance called “Energy.”

Here on Earth, it is difficult for most people to comprehend “Energy” because the Energy is Limited. Limited Energy takes on defined material forms, and then those forms behave according to the “Laws of Physics.” The Laws of Physics allegedly can’t be broken.

For this reason, people generally think of the world like a machine, which functions in predictable ways. Cause-and-effect. Gravity. You know the rest. This machine-like quality of reality feels antithetical to magic, which is more spontaneous and complex. For this reason, most people believe magic is fake, impossible or even dangerous.

Ironically, though, even many magicians operate from within the parameters of Limited Energy! This Limitation template is so all-pervading, that it even masquerades as a spiritual given. Often, “Spiritual” people will consider themselves “enlightened” or “awakened” simply because they’ve thought of some highly symbolic or complicated way to describe their imaginary limitations.

For example:

It’s as if they think they’ve made some groundbreaking discovery. But actually, all they’ve done is falsely interpret their own personal limitations as being universal in scope.


As a consequence of failing to examine their Limited perception more closely, many magicians believe it’s “necessary” to make soul contracts or pacts with demons, entities, angels, aliens… etc. etc. They give to get.

“Give to get.” What does that mean?

Well, in a Limited System, there’s a finite amount of Energy available to everyone within the System. Thus, in order to get more Energy for yourself, you must take away Energy from someone else.

Because people take for granted that Earth is necessarily a Closed Circuit, they believe many of the following things to be immutably true:

These small examples of Closed Circuit beliefs may seem rational at first glance. But when we step back and look at the bigger picture, we see them as smaller building-blocks of a much larger structure — and that structure is a Prison of Consciousness.

Take away these building blocks of belief, and your Consciousness becomes Free once more.

I am of the fierce conviction that this Closed Circuit mentality is not only alien to Humans, who are made in the likeness and image of God… but also that this mentality is intrinsically Vampiric and Parasitic in nature. And it is precisely this Vampire-Parasite mentality that gives way to the ghastly issue of Transhumanism, which is the erroneous belief that the Divine Human Being must depend on external material technologies as a means of improving and evolving the Self.

Human Evolution — indeed, Human Life itself! — has been covertly hijacked by vampire-parasite beings who have no Life in themselves whatsoever. And their covert overriding of Human Consciousness is what causes Humans to believe that Transhumanism (which is the Religion of these Void Beings) is at best harmless, and at worst the ideal evolutionary path.

Parasites, Vampires and Bloodsuckers — oh my!

What is a parasite?

A parasite is an organism that lives in or on an organism of another species (its host) and derives nutrients from the host’s body, at the host’s expense.

Without a host, a parasite cannot live, grow, and multiply. For this reason, a parasite rarely kills its host, but it can spread diseases, some of which may be fatal.

What is a vampire?

vampire is the reanimated body of a dead person believed to come from the grave at night and suck the blood of sleeping people.

From these two definitions, we can understand that there are certain Beings in existence who are Void inside. They’re empty. They have no Life in them, so they cannot pro-Create. Because they lack their own Creative potential, they steal that Creative Potential and Lifeforce from Living Beings.

Some key features of vampires and parasites is that they operate in secret. In fact, many species of parasite literally use mind-control techniques to ensure that their host will continue engaging in behaviors that benefit the parasite!

In some of the most fascinating manipulations, the parasite taps into the host brain neuronal circuitries to manipulate hosts' cognitive functions.
To name just a few examples, some worms induce crickets and other terrestrial insects to commit suicide in water, enabling the exit of the parasite into an aquatic environment favorable to its reproduction.
In another example of behavioral manipulation, ants that consumed the secretions of a caterpillar containing dopamine are less likely to move away from the caterpillar and more likely to be aggressive. This benefits the caterpillar for without its ant bodyguards, it is more likely to be predated upon or attacked by parasitic insects that would lay eggs inside its body.
Another example is the parasitic wasp, which induces a guarding behavior in its ladybug host in collaboration with a viral mutualist. To exert long-term behavioral manipulation of the host, parasite must secrete compounds that act through secondary messengers and/or directly on genes often modifying gene expression to produce long-lasting effects.

- Mind Control: How Parasites Manipulate Cognitive Functions in Their Insect Hosts

This is, perhaps, the most important thing to understand. In order for parasites to survive, they have to make their hosts want to be drained of energy. Or in the case of vampires, they must at least keep their victim unaware of their presence — which is why they prey on the sleeping, under the cover of darkness.

Enter seduction.

Our culture at large loves vampires. We glorify them in popular books, movies and TV shows. Clearly their mind-control on us has been effective. “It’s so hot to have my blood sucked right out of my body! I love dying!!!”

So let’s recap: The qualities of a vampire-parasite are:

  • they are dead inside (Void), having no Life or Creative Potential of their own
  • they can only “live” and “create” by taking lifeforce/potential from a host
  • they do their best to remain hidden/undetected by the host (thus, they rely on darkness and deception)
  • they cause harm and disease to their host
  • they use mind-control tactics to seduce, trick, manipulate, coerce and spell-bind their host into allowing this energy-siphoning to continue
  • as a consequence of being fed-on, the host adopts the belief system given to them by the parasite-vampire (i.e. “The vampire chose me because I’m special! This is what being Loved feels like!”)

Real-Life Vampire-Parasites

You probably guessed where I was going with this.

I am convinced that almost every problem faced by humanity is caused, indirectly and directly, literally and metaphorically, by parasites and vampires.

Literally: Many (if not all) cancers and chronic illnesses are alleviated and sometimes cured by anti-parasitic medications! Around 80% of all humans (adults and children) have parasites in their gut. That means 80% of humans are under parasitic mind control.
Knowing this, is it any wonder why ivermectin, a highly effective anti-parasitic medication, was disparaged by the media during the “COVID” coronation? Despite all the research and anecdotal evidence that it does, indeed, effectively treat COVID, people were discouraged from using it by the parasitic mainstream news (which feeds on fear, quite parasitically).
In fact, there have been many propaganda campaigns throughout the history of allopathic medicine to stop people from discovering anti-parasitic protocols, like the famous case of the man who turned blue from taking colloidal silver and got interviewed about it on Oprah. Allopathic “healthcare” is a parasitic operation, through and through, purposely designed to keep you oblivious to your own Free Energy healing abilities. Of course the parasites don’t want you to know how to get rid of them, lol. Without access to you, they starve!

Metaphorically: The so-called “elites” or “ruling class” (which includes all politicians, corporations and celebrities) display all the qualities of vampire-parasites. They take our money through taxes, they put us to work on making their dreams come true, they secure a steady supply of worship from fans, they design Universes and then use us to create those Universes for them, and then — the nerve! — they sit back and enjoy the fruits of our labor, and take the credit for it as if they accomplished something!

The reason they do this, is because they’re afraid.

Void-Beings like Vampires and Parasites are driven by unimaginable fear. Cosmic-level Dread. They fear dying. They fear annihilation. Fear is all they know.

Nobody needs parasites to exist, and parasites know this, deep down. They know that without the grace and mercy of a host giving them nourishment, they cease to exist. There is no fate more frightening than this.

Which is precisely why parasites and vampires rely so heavily on seduction and trickery to maintain access to a host. They project their need for a host into the host’s mind, so that the host begins to believe “I need the parasite” or “I need the vampire.” In Truth, it’s actually the other way around. But once the belief becomes a filter over the mind which distorts reality, it becomes invisible — like water to a fish.

And if you’ll remember from earlier in this essay… beliefs are the building blocks of the Closed-Circuit Reality Prison.

So if you still believe that energy is Limited to mechanical “give-take” functions, and that “this is how things have to be” or “this is just how things are,” guess what? You’re under parasite-vampire Mind Control. Your Mind is Controlled by these Limiting Beliefs.

Your mind has effectively become constricted by Ouroboros: the serpent who consumes itself in a never-ending cycle of Death Forever.

And it may hurt to hear this, but I must tell the Truth of what I’ve observed:

The people I’ve seen whose bodies are occupied by many vampiric spirits, become vampiric themselves.

I’ve seen vampire-possessed people make vampirism their lifestyle, for example by constantly seeking new sexual partners as if driven by insatiable bloodlust. I’ve seen vampiric occultists make entire religions out of their vampiric mind-set. They evangelize about the so-called benefits of becoming a vampire, a deceiver, a sociopath and a charlatan. They commit themselves to the Lie and then trick other people into becoming committed to the Lie. They are so possessed by the mind control that has invaded them, that they propagate it unconsciously… just like a host benefits its parasite.

This is why in vampire “folklore,” the bitten victim becomes a vampire too. Zombies beget zombies.
It’s a perpetual cycle. A Closed Circuit.
The vampire-parasite is locked into a spiritual prison of its own design… one that it can’t even see, because it has chosen to live in darkness.

Much like the Serpent, they consume themselves and call that “Completion.”

It hurt itself in its confusion!

But here’s the good news:

It doesn’t have to be this way.

A better world exists beyond the Serpent’s Circuit.

If reading my description of vampire-parasite people makes you feel criticized, good. It means you still have a conscience of your own. It means you still know right from wrong, and there’s time to turn yourself toward the Light of Truth.

The only reason parasites and vampires continue to exist is because we freely play into their games. We walk into their traps. We are responsible for creating this Prison, too.

Before we can “escape” the Closed Circuit, we must first acknowledge that we had a hand in building it. And we can start this process by asking ourselves, “What else is possible?” That’s Chaos Theory. That’s Free Energy.

I am telling you this with the sincerity of my whole heart:
I remember the World Without Limits. That place is my home.
Its principles of Love, Generosity, endless Renewal, and Life Everlasting are encoded into every cell of my being. People can fly without planes and shapeshift without surgery. Nobody has to die, or kill, where I come from. Nobody wants to!

So when people try to tell me “it is what it is,” I laugh,

and I laugh,

and I laugh.

This has been an introduction to the concept of “Limited Energy” or the Closed Circuit.

In Part 2: The Heart of the Matter, I elaborate on Transhumanism as a manifestation of Vampiric-Parasitism, and begin explaining what Free Energy (or Chaos) is, and how it functions as an Open Circuit.

3 thoughts on “Inside the Serpent’s Circuit

  1. Thank you for yet another informative and thought-provoking essay. So well-constructed and so many excellent connections made. Plus, I feel we can never have enough reminders to keep asking: “What else is possible?” As a Patreon patron, I got to listen to your recording of it and I highly recommend others choose this path. You not only get to support an essential artist, but you also get to hear the essays happening!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. This article has been a thought-provoking catalyst for me over the last few weeks for many reasons! 🤯
    The first point that struck me is that you mention that many people see reality working in a “machine-like” fashion. I’ve personally been pondering the notion that “machines” (specifically Internet-based ones) are “made in our image”, assuming we humans (or at least our minds) work in such a way. It’s curious to consider the notion of an “open circuit” almost like stripping a computer down to its core and simply “reprogramming” it… although, now I am wondering; what are the true limitations if any?
    More often than not, I have found myself “settling” into some dense beliefs that have permeated Earth. And like you mentioned, it’s as if the more it’s been thought about, the more it seems “true”. I’ve been on the edge of falling into this belief that the world is “give and take” and the only concept that has continued bringing me out time and time again is access to the internal/eternal present moment.
    Coming to the point about this vampiric-parasitic dynamic that is rampant in the world (within fiction and the living world) struck a chord with me as I began to evaluate how I am participating in this siphoning ouroboros. I have had this restless sense to create from childhood that has consistently been mitigated through internet scrolling which further allows me to agree with your point on the dangers of transhumanism (to think we truly need something outside of ourselves). I question whether my leisurely computer-focused childhood created this “give and take” neural pathway in regards to my creativity (where I am mostly consuming other people’s creations in hopes to find an inspiration, which only truly exists from within).
    Within the last few years, I have felt like I hit a “limit” to my gnosis on life’s ponderings and the spiritual world. This post/series has helped me begin to burn away blindspots and reignite a passion within, so I sincerely thank you!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Once again, I relate to your comment! When my social media addiction was at its worst in my teens, I remember literally crying because I could FEEL my creative potential rotting away with each hour I compulsively spent online.
      I find your point about machines being “made in our image” fascinating, because I’ve sometimes wondered if it’s the other way around — if the same consciousness that created A.I. (which, arguably, is ancient) actually precedes humanity and genetically spliced us in accordance with its Closed-Circuit values. Maybe there’s truth in the Book of Enoch, that we were genetically corrupted by fallen angels and must seek our true Creator’s mercy and grace if we are to override the limiting coding the fallen ones put into our “system” so to speak.

      In any case: I am SO glad this series is reigniting your passion! What an honor. Thank you for receiving my words 😊


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