The Heart of the Matter

This is Part 2 of a series on Free Energy.
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CONTENT WARNING: This post includes graphic images of human butchery, for the sake of illustrating my argument against Transhumanism. Reader discretion advised.

You’ve been told that objective reality is limited.
You’ve been told that there are “haves” and “have nots.”
You’ve been told that you exist in a food chain, in a pecking order, in 3 dimensions.
You’ve been told that your body inevitably and unavoidably follows cycles: cycles of seasons, cycles of wakefulness and sleep, and cycles of life and death.
You’ve been told that this is simply how things are, and that only the most Enlightened have accepted these “hard facts” as inescapable, immutable and inevitable.

I am here to tell you that Everything You’ve Been Told may be wrong.

I say “may be wrong” because from where I perceptually sit in the Open Circuit, in which Everything is Possible, there’s always a Possibility that I may be wrong.

But there’s also the Possibility that I may be Right — which would mean that you, my friend, are living inside a Prison of Consciousness that you designed with your own thoughts.

In the first post of this series, I described all levels of reality as being made of “Energy.” Well, that Energy is actually Consciousness.

The key out of your Consciousness Prison is your Consciousness itself. The Spell-Bound reality you call the Material World is, quite literally, made of thoughts. Your thoughts are both the Cage, and the Key to the Cage. 

Think of Consciousness not as some effervescent, wispy vapor in your head — but as the actual substance of everything you experience through your senses.

Some things are more “solid” than others because they’ve been thought with more intention and over more time, giving the substance of Consciousness a consistent channel through which to collect, coagulate, and become dense in this material realm (which is what you think of as “solid.”) Thus, solid objects may more accurately be called “thoughtforms.”

This means:

A dog and a daydream are made of the same substance.
A phone and a fantasy are made of the same substance.
A book and a belief are made of the same substance.

ALL that we know and experience, ourselves included, is occurring a unified field of Consciousness we call the “Universe.”

Cool spell-ing, huh? Uni (one) verse (collection of thoughts).

Furthermore, this Universe is Open-Source. That means anyone who can Think Thoughts, can Create or Change Thoughtforms.

Yeah, yeah, “thoughts create reality,” you’ve heard it before. But do you grasp the mechanics of it?

Well, for the most part, I do.  I am speaking to you as someone who has used my thoughts to manifest elaborate fantasies into this material reality that otherwise would probably not have happened. I’ve manifested entire people with specific physical attributes and astrological placements, a full scholarship to a 4-year college, all sorts of resources for my budding music career, exorbitant amounts of money, all-expenses-paid domestic and international trips, writing awards, a brief spot on an Amazon bestseller list, and plenty more!

I’ve manifested all the best things in my life to date.

But guess what?



You, my friend, are in a constant state of “manifesting.” In fact, you’re never-not manifesting.

As a Human Be-ing, your constant stream of thoughts contributes to your reality, whether you recognize it or not. By virtue of Be-ing Alive, you have the intrinsic and unfuckwithable power to CREATE. You can bring absolutely anything you desire into our shared material reality using your thoughts and only your thoughts.

Be-ing Human, you exist in a state of suspension between what-is (material/Closed Circuit) and what-could-be (immaterial/Open Circuit). Your physical body is endowed with certain subtle energies that make you a living, breathing interface between the “higher” and “lower” dimensions. You are the gateway that brings ideas (from the higher realms) into forms (in the lower realms).

Material Reality / The Closed Circuit / The Serpent’s Circuit only appears to be fixed, still and unchanging. But it is subject to the creative influence of its human observer, who exists both inside the Closed Circuit (through the medium of the human body, which is a vehicle driven by the Human Spirit) and outside of it, in the Open Circuit where Anything is Possible (which is also the Circuit occupied by the Human Spirit, simultaneously overlapping with its human body).

The Human Spirit continues to Live after the physical body has perished (which, by the way, is not inevitable… but we’ll get to the whole “death is a choice” thing later). The English word ‘spirit’ comes from the Latin spiritus meaning a breath. Your Spirit is the proverbial Breath of God that animates your body here in this physical plane, and this Spirit continues to roam when disembodied, because it’s not a physical thing. It’s the force that begets other things.

Being endowed with Spirit gives us inborn access to higher realms while we dwell here in this realm. Thus, human beings have the power to operate across multiple density bands of the Earth Realm simultaneously. This is why, with the faith of a mere mustard seed, we can literally move mountains.

However, this POTENTIAL to Create is stifled by heavy density.

Potential-energy is free-flowing. It’s in constant motion, ready to become something else at every moment. It’s fluid.

By contrast, “solid” energy is harder to move. It’s stuck, stagnant, stable, static, dull, lethargic and slow — if it even moves at all.

But remember, since everything is made of thoughts, even mountains are merely thoughtforms. So the only thing stopping us from affecting material reality with our thoughts… is the density, the condensation, of our beliefs about what is and isn’t possible.

A mountain only looks “immovable” because of all the beliefs we have associated with mountains as a concept.

  • “Mountains are made of rocks and rocks are heavy!”
  • “Mountains can’t be moved, that’s just a stupid Bible verse!”
  • “The verse about moving mountains was a metaphor, not a literal fact!”
  • “What’s the point of moving a mountain? You need a good reason to try something like that!”
  • “If I try to move the mountain and fail, I’ll be so embarrassed! It’s not worth it!”

All of these are simply beliefs. And these beliefs, piled up on top of each other, become heavy. They become dense. And this density is what traps and constricts the POTENTIAL ENERGY within the mountain, so that it can only take on a mountain form.

The version of the mountain that is condemned to an eternity of stillness, never moving or changing, is the version of the mountain that you see from the vantage point of the Closed Circuit made of Limited Beliefs.

Hence, in the Closed Circuit, changes are believed to be limited to material parameters.

Enter Transhumanism.

I’m going to say something that most people think is “crazy.” But I mean it with my entire heart:

Humans can shapeshift.

The shape, size, color, sex and age of your body are merely beliefs that you have about yourself, which have crystallized into forms that appear to be permanent.

You can change absolutely anything about your body by thoughts alone. Your eye color, your hair color, your biological age, your genitals… Fuck, you could turn into a mouse if you wanted to. Yes, I said a mouse.

Again, though: De-densifying oneself enough to shapeshift isn’t necessarily easy. But it is possible. In fact, it has been done countless times.

Thing is, it can only be done by way of the Open Circuit, in which potential-energy flows freely, making your physical thoughtform free to change to another form on a whim.

So if you’re densified by false beliefs about the body (“It’s genetic! It can’t change! I’m stuck like this! Shapeshifting is just fantasy nonsense! The body is sacred! Trying to change it is vain and narcissistic!”), well then, your body will stay as you believe it must.

But let’s just say I’m certain that people can naturally shapeshift, because I have seen people do it using their thoughts alone, and I may have successfully experimented with some appearance-altering manifestations myself. 🙂

There’s a whole genre of “subliminals” on YouTube that can help you change your beliefs about your appearance, which in turn changes your appearance. Just saying.

Why do I bring up shapeshifting? Because Transhumanism is spreading like a virus across the entire world as we speak.

Let’s refresh: 

Transhumanism is a philosophical and intellectual movement which advocates for the enhancement of the human condition by developing and making widely available sophisticated technologies that can greatly enhance longevity and cognition. 

Transhumanist thinkers study the potential benefits and dangers of emerging technologies that could overcome fundamental human limitations

There’s no such thing as a “fundamental human limitation,” but go off I guess 🙄

Transhumanism is an attempt to “evolve” humanity through material-technological means. Transhumanism is a huge umbrella which includes everything from cosmetic surgery to cybernetic augmentation to sex reassignment.

The operating premise of Transhumanism is that we are strictly material beings, thus, any change we want must be made by material means. It’s the most dense religion of them all (pun intended), in that it’s the absolute (il)logical conclusion of all the “material” beliefs in existence. It’s a religion devoid of any God, or Spirit, or Free Energy.

In the Closed Circuit, applying Open-Circuit Consciousness to affect the physical world is considered too difficult or even “deluded.” Why bother developing the mental discipline to naturally shapeshift when you could artificially shapeshift with hormones and surgery instead?

Taking it even further:
Why do mental math when there’s a calculator in your phone?
Why live a healthy lifestyle when you could take pharmaceuticals?
Why get up to change the TV station when there’s a remote control?
Why leave the house when you can socialize, shop and travel in the MetaVerse?

Why live at all, when the machines can live for us?

Why be Conscious at all, when Artificial Intelligence can think for us?

After all, we’re just stupid apes on a spinning ball that appeared by accident in a void that was created by nothing and has no purpose whatsoever, right? Clearly our technology is a testament to our miraculous intelligence… right???




You can’t sincerely look at these photos with any amount of respect for Life and Truth, and tell me that this “technological advancement” represents the pinnacle of human evolution.

This is literally the opposite of evolution. It’s backwards. It’s inversion. It’s perversion. It’s a reversal current, taking Life and Truth and turning them inside-out and upside-down, then calling that “Creation.” It’s a lie.

Butchery. Barbarism. Sadomasochism. Lunacy. Only those who have been hypnotized and seduced by the ground-bound Serpent can celebrate such horrific blood sacrifices. The most hypnotized of all call this “necessary” to the “mental health” of trans people. What health? Where I come from, Health is Free… and so is Energy.

The part of you that cringes when you see these photos, is the part of you that knows better. The part of you that still remembers the Open Circuit. The Pleroma. The land of Light and Truth that is your origin, your refuge, your home… where Free Energy flows and is available to anyone to create any reality they wish, without doing harm to anyone — not even themselves.

You gno that blood sacrifices aren’t necessary to achieve one’s desired reality. They never have been necessary, and they never will be. That’s the parasite-vampire mindset, which operates on blood-drawing and manipulation.

As opposed to the Open Circuit, where consciousness is intentionally applied to effect matter… Transhumanism does the Closed-Circuit thing where matter is used to effect matter.

So in the Closed Circuit, it’s always the same energy being rearranged and recycled and repurposed,

but never renewed.

Stuck eating itself forever and ever in an illusory hell of its own design.


Time to spit out your own tail, loveling. You can’t satisfy your spiritual hunger by eating yourself.

So how do you go from being in the Closed Circuit to the Open Circuit?

Easy. You never left.

There’s nowhere to “go” and there’s nothing to “escape.”

You are the reality you’re experiencing.

You are literally the door, the portal, the bridge and the gateway to every existing dimension, current, reality and possibility that the Universe has ever imagined.

“Go inside to find the Truth” isn’t a poetic sentiment — it’s a practical instruction.

^ See this video? It’s my personal true story of how I was ripped from Death’s grasp by a supernatural experience that completely changed how I see the world forever. In a nutshell: I was guided through a full-body (and full-spirit) adventure through OuterSpace… through the access-point of my InnerSpace.

In other words, I discovered that everyone is an astronaut because you can go to outerspace right here, right now through the spaceship that is your own body… if you really want to, that is.

I offer this video as a starting point for anyone who has eyes to see and ears to hear 😉

In Part 3: Chaos Theory, Meet Chaos Practice, I’ll finally start articulating my lifelong Gnosis of CHAOS THEORY (yay!!!!), the operating principle of the Open Circuit,

which is also Truth,

which is also Sovereignty,

which is also Freedom,

which is also Love.


5 thoughts on “The Heart of the Matter

  1. Thank you for yet another mind-bending dissertation. Keep ‘em coming!

    I know it’s not quite what you mean but, while reading this, I was reminded of an experience I had at my first-ever gym job. The clientele was obscenely wealthy yet they yearned for what we trainers had: muscular physiques. One of my co-workers, Warren, used to chuckle: “They have the money but we have the toys.” “Toys” become our code word for hard-earned and often-displayed muscles. The rich members’ lust for toys kept our personal training business afloat.

    On one particular day, I remember a gym member named Joe approaching me. I was in my 20s. He was in his 40s. “This doesn’t get any easier,” he said wearily. “Don’t you wish there was a pill we could take and never have to work out?” I replied: “No thanks. I enjoy exercising and earning my results. Besides, even if they invented that pill and we all took it, someone like me would still come to the gym and work my ass off and look better than the average person. The people who only took the pill would remain jealous.”

    In my own way, I was shape-shifting using thoughts — and then turning those thoughts into consistent actions. But NYC’s elite [sic] was thinking: “Why bother when I can just take a pill?” But I knew and they knew that they’d have to keep inventing new pills (in vain) to keep up with those of us who had already spit out our own tails.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. notmisterdarcy June 2, 2022 — 5:45 pm

    Just wondering, would you agree that these parasitic beings you speak of are also thoughtforms, which we had unknowingly augmented into dangerous entities through millennia of ignorance? If they are void of energy/consciousness, are they merely a negative consequence of us being unaware and underusing our creative lifeforce within? Ultimately, do you mean that they are at our mercy because they aren’t at all real/conscious?

    Or are these vampiric parasites a seperate breed altogether and beyond our mastery? (similar to what people understand to be demons, evil spirits, etc.)

    Liked by 2 people

    1. I think the Gnostic myth of Sophia provides a good starting point for answering these questions. She was a primary aspect of God who used her creative power unconsciously, and her absent-minded mistake begot the Demiurge. It’s a warning to us that our “shadows” are, indeed, made of the same stuff as we are — just lacking the function and purpose that one gets from being created with conscious intent. In the myth, Sophia wins her redemption by genuinely repenting for misusing her power to create a world of darkness. And that aligns with my personal idea that we must take responsibility for providing energy to these vampire-parasites in the first place, because they wouldn’t exist if we didn’t give them our lifeforce. So in one sense, yes, i think they are within our capacity to “master”… and my hunch is that mastering them just means mastering ourselves. Beyond that it’s complicated and if I knew all the answers I wouldn’t have incarnated on Earth lol

      Liked by 2 people

  3. This is a topic close to my heart 😉. I could write pages on this, but I’ll make an effort to be concise!

    When I was close to ending my teen years, I too was at an extremely low place in my life.

    It was at this point that I, someone who was raised open-mindedly agnostic, began questioning the notion of something more. Although my parents are Catholic, religion was never taught at home but rather questioned for systematically controlling the masses and occult activities were seen as a form of entertainment.
    I had spent the last decade or so processing difficult experiences by consuming all kinds of media with overarching dark themes resulting in me having an extremely nihilistic personal and worldview.
    Looking back, I am reminded of when I first began divulging in these depressive media as a child, my best friend’s grandmother demanded she discards and ceases all interaction with such texts as it was “bad luck” to fill one’s mind with such material. There was much truth in this loving, once seemingly harsh, boundary.
    Astrologically speaking, this low point was the time I was moving from my childhood Rahu dosha period (having Moon conjunct Saturn in Shatabhisha) to my current Jupiter period.

    Open to the possibilities yet firmly identifying with previous beliefs, naturalistic pantheism was my gateway into developing a connection with God and life itself. Somewhere down the line, I began to really take in the notion that our thoughts shape reality. This was a major lightbulb moment for me! Living a monotonous life thus far slowly began to change just by the way I perceived it. Magic began to permeate the mundane and life felt worth living. And as I continue to embody our inherent power, I am continuously shown what we can do (even if it feels like at some points we have “lost our way”!)

    Thank you so much for bringing this up!!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Having also had my childhood under Rahu Mahadasha, I completely relate. I had a morbid curiosity and interest in dark things that I thought made me edgy and interesting, but in retrospect I recognize it only made me miserable. I’m glad you were given the key to changing your focus in order to change your life, and as a result are letting more of God’s love into your life ❤️

      Liked by 1 person

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