Entering the Zero-Point

This is Part 4 of a series on Free Energy.
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Part 5: “Thoughts and Prayers”

In Part 1, I explained that most people are unknowingly trapped in a Closed-Circuit reality, wherein energy can neither be created nor destroyed — it can only be endlessly recycled in a never-ending feedback loop. Think of an ouroboros. That’s the Closed-Circuit.

In Part 2, I explained that this Closed-Circuit structure is the basis of horrors such as Transhumanism and other blood-sacrifice modalities.

In Part 3, I introduced you to Chaos Theory, the study of Potential and how it influences linear systems towards delineation. This delineation “frees the energy” within a Closed Circuit, causing it to become an Open Circuit.

Now, in Part 4, I’m going to teach you how to access Free Energy.

Step 1: You are the access point.

You don’t need any special equipment or tools. Cast away your materialist notions about uranium generators, Tesla coils, and all the other “Free Energy” technologies. You are the technology, my friend. You’re literally made of Energy.

As stated in the previous post, Free Energy is un-limited. There are no limits. None. Even space can’t contain it or separate it from anything else. Thus, there is nowhere that Free Energy is not.

That means you can access it from anywhere. It’s all-ways with you. In fact, it’s in you. “Outer Space” is Inner Space.

Same with Time. Free Energy doesn’t obey linear Time. You can access Free Energy at any time, and its effect on reality can be instantaneous. You can even overwrite things that “already happened” once you truly allow this Truth to permeate your consciousness.

“Consciousness” is the key word there. Once again: Consciousness is what reality is made of. And Consciousness is Energy. Therefore, The only reason you’re in the Closed Circuit to begin with is because you believed-yourself into it.

So the way you’ll experience reality all depends on whether you’ve got a Closed Consciousness or an Open Consciousness.

Step 2: Open your Consciousness.

You’ve probably heard this plenty of times in spiritual contexts, but listen again, because it’s true: There is no “You.”

The concept of “You” is merely a densified amalgamation of beliefs you’ve collected over your life, including all ancestors’ beliefs you inherited (a.k.a. your “genetics” as discussed in Part 3).

But if you strip away all those beliefs you have about yourself, such as your name, your job, your interests, your habits, your nationality, your social media following, your appearance, etc… what’s left?
Pure consciousness.
A blank slate.
Some call it The Void.

The Void is the Zero-Point, or Origin, or Source, or Genesis, of all of Creation.

Quick lesson: It’s called the Zero Point because it’s the absolute Center of reality. Everything comes out of that Center, and also returns to it. (And the Center is decentralized, if you can wrap your mind around that! Remember, it’s omnipresent. It’s everywhere. Think of the Chaos Star visuals I gave you in Part 3! )

Here’s the equation for arriving at the Zero Point:

(-1) + (+1) = 0
Negative-One plus Positive-One Equals Zero.

That means when you bring any pair of “opposites” together, you simultaneously increase their value and cancel them out! For example:

Female + Male = All Sexes (summation) and, simultaneously, No Sexes (negation).

Trippy, huh?

Knowing this, that means all possible realities are contained within, and accessed through, the Zero at the center of reality.

And if you haven’t caught on by now: That Zero-Point — that Center — is in YOU.

There’s a male version of you and a female version of you, and other sex-variations too.
There are versions of you that never experienced certain traumas and losses.
There’s a version of you that’s filthy rich, and another that’s dirt-poor.

The versions of you that Potentially exist are innumerable. You are everyone and no one.

And the good news is: You don’t need any special surgeries, or soul contracts, or drugs, to bring these other versions of your Self into Be-ing here in our shared reality. That’s the Closed-Circuit way of thinking. We’re done with that.

All you need is to change the Beliefs that serve as the foundation & framework of your current observable Self, thus freeing your Energy to take on a different form.

And that is all done within.

Step 3: Believe.

There are countless methods for changing your beliefs to change your reality. Just to name a few, there’s:

  • self-hypnosis
  • neurolinguistic programming
  • scripting
  • affirmations
  • subliminals
  • shadow work
  • existential kink
  • therapy…

…and so on, and so on.

Any of these modalities can work, as long as you actually believe they will. This is the function of faith, and it’s absolutely crucial to magick / reality-making.
And being able to change your beliefs at will is what will set you apart from lesser magicians, who rely on soul-binding and sacrifices to get what they want. By contrast, the Greater Magician relies on his or her own psychic energy to shape reality.

I’m going to describe to you one method of Belief-Changing, as described by the famous Chaos Magician Austin Osman Spare, who was vocally against the depraved vampiric practices of his contemporary, Aleister Crowley.

I’m using this particular method to illustrate what it means to genuinely change your beliefs at the core / subconscious level. It’s certainly not the only method, and of course, you are absolutely Free to explore other methods as guided by your own Intuition.

✴ Method #1 ~ Zero-Point meditation

Make sure you won’t be disturbed until the meditation is complete, as being interrupted during this type of meditation can be jarring.

Lie down in “corpse pose.” Relax as much as possible.

Withdraw your awareness from all outer-world distractions, and focus entirely inward.

Dissolve your thoughts.

Get comfortable with the absolute emptiness inside your mind.

Stay suspended in this “nothingness” space until you truly recognize that you are formless, shapeless. You have no history. You have no name. You have no recollection of any negative experiences, no obligations to a particular identity or life narrative, and no fear of changing.

You may even begin to feel physically shapeless, like you’re floating in the ether. This is normal. Just keep one thing in mind:

“I AM.”
This is your Center. Your Zero-Point. You simply are.

Congratulations, you are now a Blank Canvas and can recreate yourself however you’d like. You have Freed your energy from all limiting beliefs about yourself.

Anything you’ve ever wanted is a state of Being, and all states of Being can be accessed from within yourself. Starting with the foundational Truth “I AM,” you can build any desired reality.

So enter the state of Be-ing associated with your desired objective.
Would you like to be Wealthy? Be Wealthy now.
Would you like to be Happy? Be Happy now.
Would you like to be Fit? Be Fit now.

You need no reason, justification or plan. Nor do you need force, or effort, or straining.
Simply be that which you already are.

Now “I AM” has become “I AM WEALTHY” or “I AM HAPPY”
because of your simple shift in consciousness.

Maintain this Being-State until you are fully aware that all of reality has shifted in accordance with your renewed Consciousness.

When you “come back” from this meditation, you will “come back” having fully been transformed into this new Being-State.

And if you’re concerned, for any reason, that you’ve shifted into an undesirable reality, just know that you can all-ways return to your previous Being-State with a simple shift in Consciousness.

✴ Method #2 ~ Inner Child Work

Think about the nature of children.

Children are Chaotic Potential embodied. Their imaginations are limitless. They are well-aware that they have dormant psychic superpowers. They’re born knowing that humans can fly, shapeshift, bend time, and all that other good stuff. They have no self-consciousness or fear of reality.

That is… until we “adult-erate” them. We corrupt their spirit by projecting our doubts, our weaknesses, and our limits onto them. As children, they are totally dependent on their adult caretakers to foster their Potential. So when we crush their Potential instead, we break their spirit. In doing this, we condemn them to the Closed-Circuit before they’ve arrived at Puberty, which is the life stage at which we are endowed with the ability to Create Reality (because Sexual Energy and Creative Energy are essentially the same thing — this is the whole idea behind Sex Magick). This is the real reason so many people are unaware that magick is real. Most of us have inherited limiting beliefs from our caretakers during our most impressionable developmental years. Once those patterns are embedded into the mind, it becomes unlikely they’ll ever be changed.

But now that YOU, as an adult, are aware that magick is real, and that you can change your Consciousness, it is your responsibility to re-parent your Inner Child and set their psychic energy free once more.

Recall a stage of your childhood before you had any concept of “limits” or “rules.” If possible, choose a pre-trauma age. If that’s not possible, try instead to recall a time when you had no interpretation of the trauma yet.
Once you’ve chosen an age to return to, meditate on your Inner Child until you’ve effectively arrived at that state of consciousness. Re-awaken the possibilities, the sillyness, and the unbridled imagination characteristic of your Innocence.

From this Child-like state of being, imagine absolutely anything is true. You can do anything, think anything and be anything! Nothing is off-limits. You don’t even know what a limit is!

The Inner Child mindset is a fun way to approach creating reality, because it’s based in the purity of Presence and Playfulness.

You might even recover a memory of attempting to use your psychic powers, before being told by an adult that you’re “wrong.” Well, now that you are the adult, make it right!

Now you know how to do Chaos Magick! Simple, right? You just change your beliefs, and then reality changes by consequence, because reality is made of your beliefs. That’s literally it.

Have fun experimenting!

You could end this series here if you’d like, but personally, I’m not comfortable simply teaching you how to do magick without also addressing the elephant in the room: The New World Order Agenda.

Have you ever wondered why most people don’t know that they can do magick?

That’s by design.

Humans have been intentionally kept in the dark about our true history, our spiritual Potential, and our Reality-Creating abilities. The Vampire-Parasite Mind-Controllers in this shared reality channel our Creative Energy towards their desired reality in which we are kept as their cattle and slaves.

So if you don’t read the final part of this series, at least read this:

Magick isn’t just something you can do to better your own life. It’s something you can do for others as well.

And I dare say that if you’re aware that you can do magick, it’s your sacred responsibility to do magick on behalf of those who cannot.

Free Energy-based magick is the holy practice of bringing Heaven to Earth.

Free Energy is Love.

2 thoughts on “Entering the Zero-Point

  1. I truly appreciate this ongoing series. It’s inspired some crucial realizations for me, e.g. how to identify the untapped power I already contain and how often I’ve engaged in magick throughout my life without recognizing it as such. Thank you!


  2. notmisterdarcy June 21, 2022 — 8:32 am

    “Center is decentralized” – that makes alot of sense to me ironically. On that note, I hope my question doesn’t seem odd: For method two, do you think that “physical meditation” could be effective? For example, connecting to the inner child through a meditative dance/performative movement/yoga/etc. in order to tap into that memory of pure innocence. Or is physical stillness still recommended for this method as well?

    Liked by 1 person

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