“Thoughts and Prayers”

This is the final Part of a series on Free Energy.
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Every time there’s a high-profile tragedy on the news, I see memes and derisive comments about how “thoughts and prayers” won’t fix the issue. This is especially true whenever there’s a public debate about gun ownership following a school shooting (like the recent one in Uvalde).

Maybe that’s because gun ownership is associated with Republicanism, which is associated with Christianity. But the collective resentment towards “thoughts and prayers” seems to have been building outside of politics as well, thanks in part to the common social media tactic of exploiting empathy for likes. You’ve probably seen examples of this phenomenon, where a social media page will pair a photo of a person who is clearly suffering (such as a baby with a painful genetic defect) alongside the caption “1 Like = 1 Prayer.”

Obviously they’re just trying to get higher social media engagement to boost traffic to their page. But culturally, the impact of this trend has been profound. Now we’ve got people reflexively mocking the idea of thinking positive thoughts or sincerely praying for others…

…and the ramifications of this are dire.

Let me just say this right now:

Thoughts and prayers work.

Yes, you can heal the world with your thoughts and prayers. This has even been scientifically proven.

Here’s a link to one study on how group meditation can actually lower violent crime rates in target cities. This meditation experiment has been repeated by different researchers, with strikingly similar results (you can find examples at that same website). And a meta-analysis revealed that the chance of these results being coincidental is so statistically improbable as to be impossible.

We also know that people can be healed remotely through the quantum field. This is the whole idea behind reiki, which could be described as “hands-off healing.” And some shamans can even perform surgery with their minds. It’s called “psychic surgery” and requires no scalpels. Mexican scientist Jacobo Grinberg published his direct experiences with these shamans (and mysteriously vanished afterwards).

These are only a few examples to illustrate one of Life’s most wonderful truths: We are all connected by the field of consciousness. Intercessory prayer, or prayer on someone else’s behalf, is effective because we all have direct access to each other via consciousness, regardless of illusory Closed-Circuit spacetime parameters.

Before we move on to the real meat of this essay, a word on what it really means to pray for someone:

Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

The Truth About Prayer

Most people who have a grievance with the idea of “thoughts and prayers” being a legitimate response to world events, have not experienced effective prayer for themselves. This is especially true for those of us raised in religious environments that used prayer to shame, guilt, humiliate and abuse others. It’s ironic that Christians are infamous for their passive-aggressive “I’ll pray for you”s when Jesus himself warned the arrogant Pharisees not to weaponize their prayers, but to pray with humility and love.

Jesus also said this key thing, which religious zealots can’t seem to get through their heads:

Therefore I tell you, whatever you ask for in prayer, believe that you have received it, and it will be yours.

~ Mark 11:24

There is an enormous difference between begging God for something, and proclaiming that it’s already yours. You are not supposed to treat God like a djinni who grants wishes or a Santa Claus who will give you a gift if you’re good… but as the Zero-Point described in the previous post.

For example:

Praying over a sick loved one with desperation, fear, and anxiety that they might not heal, and begging God to “let” them live… is not an effective prayer.

But praying over a sick loved one with calm assurance that they are already healed
— and clearly SEEING them healed in your mind’s eye
— and FEELING the joy of their healing having taken place
— and KNOWING that your prayer has worked…
… IS an effective prayer!!!!


Then watch this:

“Already healed.”

Very few people have cultivated the kind of Love that would inspire them to actively apply their consciousness for someone else’s benefit. We think about ourselves too much to have psychic energy left for others, and even then, we don’t even think positively for ourselves!

But consider the existence of volunteers, nuns and monks who surrender their lives in service to others. Have you ever considered that maybe, the reason the world isn’t 10× worse than it is now, is because all those people decided to forfeit their worldly comforts to anonymously chant and meditate and pray for you?

Have you ever thanked them?
Better yet, joined them?

I dare you to meditate for someone else’s happiness and wellness. See them beaming with joy. Feel them relieved of all pain and stress. Then, I dare you to keep this mental activity a secret. Don’t do it for credit. Do it because it’s the right thing to do.
Continue to practice it, like a skill you’re learning to master. You’re going to need it. We all are.

We’ve talked about how to change reality for yourself and others with applied consciousness. Now, we’re going to talk about why that matters as we confront the New World Order agenda.

Evil Genius vs. Divine Genius

As I discussed in Part 1, the world is run by shadow occultists, and I call them Vampire-Parasites. They are metaphysically dead inside, meaning they have no Lifeforce/Creative Potential within, and therefore no way of creating the reality they desire.

So, because these Vampire-Parasites need to steal Lifeforce from those who have it (that’s us) to stay “alive” (which in their case means just barely evading annihilation)… they come up with highly elaborate, sophisticated and manipulative ways of tricking us into giving our Lifeforce to them (much like a literal parasite uses chemical mind control to make its host act in ways that benefit the parasite). This is called Lesser Magick, or Evil Genius.

Think of all the gnarly, nasty, infuriating ways the Controllers leech lifeforce out of us at every turn. Our entire modern world is based on soul contracts, blood sacrifices and enslavement. Fun fact: the word “govern-ment” actually means “mind control.” They’ve turned most of us into wage slaves, indebted to the State from birth, branded with social security numbers like cattle, and indoctrinated to work work work until we die. They control our food supply, poison the air and water, brainwash us through school/church/media, and track our every move.
And those who attempt to escape this state-sanctioned enslavement might face fines, imprisonment, or even physical torture.

When I think of all the cunning ways these Controllers have (seemingly) covered every base of our reality, sometimes I feel overwhelmed.

But the most genius thing about Evil Genius is that it only appears genius… until you realize that EVIL CAN ONLY OPERATE WITHIN THE CLOSED-CIRCUIT! WITHIN THE LIMITS OF MATERIAL WORLD!

The Vampire-Parasites can only effect us materially, which is entirely illusory. But we can change things for real.

They can poison our food and water, but we can tread on scorpions.

They can try to starve us with supply chain shortages, but we can make food multiply and feed the masses.

They can sicken people with vaccines, but we can heal the sick.

They can brainwash us through the media, but we can choose to meditate on better things.

They can try to lock us inside of our houses, but we can move mountains.

They can create frequency weapons, but we don’t need weapons at all.

We are Open-Circuit/Free-Energy Be-ings who can operate across multiple density-bands of reality at once… thus, we are free to entirely transcend their bloodsucking games by accessing the purely Creative Zero-Point within ourselves, which they cannot do.

I call this Divine Genius, as the antithesis to Evil “Genius.” And Jesus showed us how to do it! He told us to do it!

Any circumstance can be circumvented! Any prison can be escaped! Any obstacle can be surmounted! And all of this is done with faith!

This is why I am of the strong conviction that the “doomsday preppers” of today are sorely mistaken. The Elect who will survive and thrive in the coming Revelation will not be those who’ve collected the most guns or stored the most canned food.

It will be those who recognize that Heaven is among us already
because it is within you
and always has been
and always will be
and it can be accessed any “where,”
at any “time,”
by any “body.”

3 thoughts on ““Thoughts and Prayers”

  1. Thank you, as always. I have mocked the “thoughts & prayers” social media response and will be more mindful now. Not that I need to defend myself, but I do wish to clarify something. When I engaged in such mockery, my motivation could be summed up thusly: “You’d never even think of identifying and addressing the social conditions that create fertile ground for so many tragedies. Instead, you take the easy way out as a form of virtue signaling. I seriously wonder if you even bothered praying or thinking about the being in question.”

    This does not justify mocking a fellow human and it ignores the power of thoughts and prayers as you articulate in the essay. So, again, I will be more mindful now. However, I would add a non-facetious: “Por que no los dos?”

    Imagine the collective power contained in authentically thinking and praying for the being in question but not stopping there. Imagine many, many people doing independent work to expose the evil geniuses who consciously attempt to cultivate the conditions that increase suffering. Imagine this approach — at least until more people recognize and exercise their inherent power. Could this complementary effort inspire even more miracles?

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Exactly! “Why not both?” We’ve got Divine Geniuses from every walk of life, with all sorts of gifts and skills. Some people are meant to educate others about what’s going on in the world (without instilling fear or fundamentalism). Some are meant to feed others with nourishing, healing foods. Some are meant to entertain others, and fill their minds with virtuous, uplifting entertainment instead of the brainwashing garbage we get from the mainstream. All the Divine Geniuses combined create a sort of human “mycelium network” in the ether that allows us to connect our consciousness & counter the New World Order from wherever we are.
      But yes, as you surmised, we must ACTUALLY apply our consciousness, not just “like” a “thoughts&prayers” photo online so our friends can see what good people we are. I bet the majority of “thoughts&prayers” people have never actually given the time and effort to think or pray positively on behalf of those in question. Much like the Pharisees.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. This is such a comforting and empowering concept! 🙂

        Liked by 1 person

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