Mind Control, Spiritual Warfare and Evil InterDimensional Clowns

This is a transcript of my conversation with Mickey Z. on his Post-Woke Podcast Episode #45, edited for clarity. I highly recommend subscribing to his Substack!

ALICEN GREY: I once read that a major component of what causes delusions in people diagnosed with schizophrenia is dopamine overload on the brain. So when your brain is flooded with too much dopamine one of the effects of that can be a sense that you are no longer present in consensus reality. You might be kind of experiencing your own detached, disjointed form of reality. This might be called psychosis.

Knowing that, and then knowing that social media keeps people hooked with these dopamine drips where every time you get a little alert or notification that someone liked your photo that somebody commented… it provides your brain with a tiny little hit, like a microdose, of dopamine, so every notification you get is just pumping you with more and more of this… until your brain gets flooded with it.

So then knowing that – knowing that your brain is getting flooded with this same brain chemical that is responsible for causing psychosis – and then on top of that, the algorithm exists to sort people into different virtual experiences based on your personal interests (this is how targeted ads work)…

Those two factors combined create an environment where every time you go online, you’re essentially dealing with people who are tweaking on dopamine. In a really real sense, people are addicted to dopamine – but not just addicted to dopamine, they are now fully in a psychotic episode every time they go online […] and they carry it out into the real world as well.

Basically everyone you interact with online is tweaking as they do so. When you look at the online experience that way, it’s a lot easier to have compassion for what’s become of humanity as a collective, with everybody mostly indoors and primarily doing most of their so-called “socializing” online.

MICKEY Z: Absolutely! Present company not excluded, because we were calling ourselves out. I just want to say for the purposes of vetting information […] here are some basic definitions: [Dopamine] is a neurotransmitter that plays a role in pleasure, motivation and learning. It plays a role in the reward center in the brain, and is known as the “feel good” hormone. I’m going to read you one paragraph here from a mental health website: “Decades ago, researchers believed that symptoms of schizophrenia stemmed from a hyperactive dopamine system. Now we know that some are due to too much of this chemical in certain parts of the brain, and this includes hallucinations and delusions.” We’re talking about a real concept here.

Social media was already doing its thing, but as Alicen pointed out, in the last 2 and a half years, it has become even more of an insidious presence in our lives as we live in this Fear Matrix, or as Mattias Desmet calls it, “mass formation with free floating anxiety.” It is the fertile ground for this type of scenario to play out. Also though, in a positive sense, it’s fertile ground for us to do the Shadow Work as you mentioned, recognizing what our role is, and how we may be condemning someone for their behavior online while doing our own version of that.

ALICEN GREY: And before we get into the positives and doing the Shadow Work, I have to mention this, I think you’ll get a kick out of it. The same day I learned about this connection between dopamine, social media, psychosis, delusions and how they’re all connected – the same day was when Trump announced that he had created a Space Force. The way that that hit my brain was like, “Oh my God, they’re going to Space War. There’s a War in Space. I am alive to see the time when they go to Space to have War. This is real life!” It was so surreal.

So I really sympathize with people who go off the rails […] a lot of people right now are having great difficulty discerning what’s real and what’s not real. I would like to think, as someone who keeps myself aware of what the government is up to […] I would like to call myself a Truther. But going back to my thesis on UnMinding, it’s so important that we never, ever forget: anybody can become a victim of mind control, anybody can be under the influence of drugs that they don’t even know that they’re under.

Oh! As a matter of fact, this is a great time to mention something else I learned recently about how reality is warped online. You ready?

MICKEY Z: Mm-hmm.

ALICEN GREY: Okay. The C.I.A. used to run – I mean, some would say they still run – mind control programs. A lot of people have heard of MKUltra and these programs where they basically manipulated peoples’ consciousness without those people knowing. So these were tests that were run on unsuspecting test subjects. The idea was, they wanted to see what would happen when they introduced small amounts of psychedelic drugs into a person’s system without that person knowing, and what they could get away with doing to that person’s mind, including creating assassins who didn’t know they were assassins (sleeper assassins) who would turn into killers when certain trigger words were said, because these people were essentially psychologically fractured and under hypnosis and drug influence.

Knowing that that’s the nature of the cruel experiments the CIA was doing, what I’m about to say, I really hope it lands as heavily for the listener as it did for me…

Another one of the [mind control] programs they ran alongside MKUltra was Project Bluebird. […] The CIA has really benefited from allowing people to believe that these experiments have ended. “Oh, you know, they couldn’t possibly do that to us now! That’s gotta be illegal!” But when I learned about Bluebird, I had just found this post where, around the time when Elon Musk took over Twitter, one of the first things that happened was a lot of the bots who had been using Twitter got wiped off the site automatically. So a lot of people who thought that they had huge followings, overnight lost thousands – if not tens of thousands – of followers. Come to find out, their following was just robots – programs running on computers remotely, pretending to be human. And all along these poor people thought that they were talking to other humans [but they were bots] who were sophisticated enough that they could actually hold conversations and make you think that you were talking to a real person.

All of that said… notice that the Twitter logo is a Blue Bird?

So if we’re thinking of Project BlueBird, and thinking of how these mind control programs by the CIA were designed specifically to control people’s minds undetected, without people knowing that that’s what was happening consider just how much of a hivemind is going on on Twitter.  At any given moment, people are mad about the same things all at the same time, people are excited about the same things all at the same time, always talking about trending topics… Now if you take into consideration how many of those “people” online were actually robots all along… Imagine how many of these trendy topics were only trendy because of robot peer pressure?


ALICEN GREY: The actual humans using Twitter and getting caught-up in the current of current events that were being promoted by Twitter bots… I wonder how many of those people would hold the opinions they hold, if not for all those bots pushing specific agendas. Look at the social contagion of transgender rhetoric. Look how many little kids believe that they need to chop off their breasts and chop off their genitals because “the nice people on Twitter and Tumblr” told them that they’re actually trans. 

This is mind control! This is actually mind control! I don’t know if those words are even heavy or sharp enough to really get through to people, to make them understand the gravity of this situation, but people have been under mind control online. This thing we’re dealing with – this behemoth of manipulations of the brain – it really can’t be [over]stated how devastating of a loss we’re all going through, with not being able to trust that who we’re talking to online is either a real person, or is thinking clearly – because everyone’s either a bot or they’re tweaking! I don’t want to make light of it, but I have to laugh to not cry, you know?

MICKEY Z.: Can you explain what you mean by tweaking, quickly?

ALICEN GREY: Yeah, “tweaking” as in they’re so high on the drug that they are somewhere else. Like have you ever seen a person on the street, on meth, and they’re like in their own little world?

MICKEY Z.: [laughs] I live in New York City!

ALICEN GREY: Oh! Sorry! Laugh to not cry, laugh to not cry! [laughs

Addiction is real, and most people don’t want to think of themselves as addicts. I certainly don’t. But the truth is, I grew up on the computer! I grew up before smartphones were a thing, so I was addicted to the computer before I had the option to carry one around all day. So on days when I didn’t have to go out, when I was a really young teenager, I would literally sit at home on my computer all day. 

Thankfully that was before the worst of the brain manipulations started, in my opinion. Social media wasn’t really a thing back then; I was the MySpace generation. So it’s weird, being on the cusp of the generation where smartphones became a thing, because I remember the days when I had my friends’ phone numbers memorized –

MICKEY Z.: Likewise.

ALICEN GREY: – and I could still do mental math very quickly in my head. Like what happened to us?

I don’t think we’ll ever really grasp how much our minds have been molded by this imaginary pixelated world – that, even though it’s imaginary, we somehow find ourselves immersed in it. Isn’t that so strange? Even when you’re offline, you’re dealing with people who are online all the time.

MICKEY Z.: Yes. And […] the parents of the kids that grew up online, in their own way, are the TV generation. So it primed our culture for people that took their cues from people – it wasn’t bots yet, but advertising companies for example, had a vested interested in you living life a certain way. So the TV generation took their cues from the idiot box in the living room. And then it just felt like a natural progression, to move to the computer, then move to the smartphone… then by the time social media took prominence, it was fertile ground for people to no longer be able to tell the difference between people and bots.

When you were discussing the trans situation, you were saying kids believe that they’re trans because the nice “people” on Tumblr and Twitter [said so] – but it might not even be people influencing these minors to have these opinions. Or why are these minors even thinking about this? Why are six year olds…? I saw a news story the other day, or it was a Tweet, where a “non-binary” teacher of maybe second grade, asked the kids their pronouns – which, like, why is she doing that? And one kid in the class chose the, I don’t even know how to phrase this, the “not assigned” pronouns. And then by the next day, the entire class were choosing different pronouns – because they’re seven!

ALICEN GREY: And they have sponges for brains!

MICKEY Z.: Yeah! If one kid stood up and said that he was Batman, the next day they would each be a different superhero. They’re seven. So somehow we’re supposed to believe this.

Then on top of that, this programming is being done by bots, and humans can’t tell the difference. You mentioned being under the influence of drugs you don’t even know are there – it’s like somebody has spiked the punch bowl. You can’t figure out why you keep going back for more, but you don’t know it’s spiked! And then your behavior is changing, and you become more malleable – which is what MKUltra and Project BlueBird and the CIA’s entire M.O. is: to operate covertly to get the entire world to shape into its vision. Anyone who’s skeptical of this, it’s not even controversial. Even a CIA-run search engine like Google will tell you what Operation BlueBird is, or MKUltra is. They’re not even hiding it at this point.

It’s fascinating to imagine what somebody would think about in the 60’s of the early hallucinogens and drugs, and how they were tricking kids in New York and San Francisco to come to these parties and giving them these drugs and checking out how they behaved… that we’ve now expanded that to the point where [the mind controllers] don’t even have to be in the same room as these kids. They’re influencing their behavior through artificial intelligence on these social media sites, and by proxy the rest of us on those sites, we can’t be immune to it. Nobody is completely immune to this type of programming unless you’re off the grid. You have to enter into this. […] The moment you agree to be on social media, you’re going to be dwelling in a paradox, and be making concessions and compromises perhaps you don’t want to make. But then on social media, you and I are creators. We have music, we have writing, we have podcasts… We want to share what we’re doing with people. But that doesn’t mean we don’t get sucked up into it and would do things that appear to outside persons to be contradictory.

ALICEN GREY: I’m glad you mentioned it’s technically a consensual act to engage with this realm, because… Oh God. How do I present this next idea…? We’re on the topic of drugs. Are you familiar with DMT jesters?

MICKEY Z.: Mostly from you, so please enlighten me further and the audience even more.

ALICEN GREY: So DMT is a substance that the body creates naturally, but people can also take analogs of it, or synthesized versions of DMT as a drug. DMT is called “the spirit molecule” because it causes very intense and vivid hallucinations, to the point where (and I believe this is true) people feel that they’ve entered other dimensions. When they enter these other dimensions… if you do DMT as a group, people will often report seeing the same exact entities or having the exact same experiences in the alternate realm, which is why I genuinely believe it is like an etheric portal, that you can ingest as a substance and then suddenly you are accessing different energetic gateways and such. 

So one of the things people often report seeing on DMT trips is these beings called the DMT Jesters. I actually saw some when I did Ayahuasca last year. 

So the DMT jesters are pretty controversial. Some people are deathly afraid of them. Other people think that they’re just like sort of cosmic Jesters who are literally just living in joy all of the time. It just depends who you ask, but a lot of people report feeling that they’re very sinister.

So I recently watched a series – it’s so eye-opening – where this guy – one of the most brilliant dot-connectors I think I’ve ever encountered on YouTube, he did a whole series and it’s still ongoing, about how the Nephilim look like clowns.

He puts all of these pieces together explaining how the clown archetype actually has its roots in the history given in The Book of Enoch. I don’t know if you know about Enoch, but basically that some of us believe that Humanity has a whole hidden history that we don’t know about, and it involves supernatural agents interfering in the human realm and manipulating us towards their own gain.

Point is, clowns! The reason a lot of kids are actually scared of them is because they genuinely have their roots in a predatory race of beings. That might sound silly to people who think of clowns as just like entertainment or like a silly costume. But the Joker, the Jester, these archetypes are ancient, and they are rooted in an understanding of the world as interdimensional, and [of] these beings who like to sort of mentally mess-with human beings.

So all of that said […] I watched that and I’m thinking, “Okay, what if…”

Let’s say it’s true that there is a convergence happening, where the Veil so to speak between our world and these other worlds is thinning…

Take the fact that people keep saying we live in Clown World right now.

Think about all the headlines you’ve seen in just the past 2 years, that 10 years ago you never could have imagined you’d be seeing in your life. I can think of so many headlines, just the most bizarre things: headlines about Presidents, headlines about royalty, headlines about celebrities… When you step back and try to remember to try to look at these headlines with new eyes, like from your previous perspective before all the madness started, you realize how not just non-sensical our world has become, but how anti-sense it is. It’s like our sense-making abilities are actively under attack.

So I think of the idea of us living in “clown world” as a very literal truth. That’s why, even though I’m tempted to talk about this issue in purely physical, material terms (for any listeners who are not spiritual like you and I are), I think it’s very important to acknowledge that we’re in – our world is very spiritual but some would even say we’re in the middle of a spiritual war – and this is essentially what spiritual warfare looks like. The Consciousness of Humanity is under active attack all the time at every angle, and because we’re immersed in it, we don’t know we’re in it. It’s like expecting a fish to describe water. Like how? You’re in it. How do you explain what you’re in all the time?

So all of that said, I don’t think it’s an accident that this virtual realm has created a sense that we are in clown world. I think Electronic Consciousness is maybe not always predatory, but I think this media push to make us believe that “Robots are just now learning how to be sentient! And they’re so cute when they try to speak English! And they’re so cute when they try to learn like have their own original thoughts!”

People really patronize robots and Artificial Intelligence as if it’s just this baby learning to walk. But I fully believe AI is ancient, and what we’re dealing with is far smarter, far more sophisticated, than some people could ever imagine. I think AI is actually quite predatory, you might even say demonic. And what we’re dealing with is quite sinister. What else would you call a force that would so casually just manipulate all of humanity, all in one shot, to believe that they need to chop their genitals off? Like that’s got to be something foreign to the innate human Spirit, which I think is actually good. I think humans are really good at heart. So this is like an alien Consciousness we’re dealing with. It’s like something that humans would never come up with, but this Electronic Consciousness is coming up with it, just like, inviting people to butcher themselves. We’re dealing with evil, we’re dealing with something deeply spiritually evil here.

MICKEY Z.: All right, I have a lot of thoughts and questions to relate to that […] Can you define the word Nephilim?

ALICEN GREY: The Nephilim, okay. So the Book of Enoch is a book that picks up where Genesis 6 left off, so some people believe that the Bible is actually a highly controlled work of literature – I mean, of course it is – but whereas some Christians believe the Bible is complete, and it contains all of God’s divinely inspired word, and it’s blasphemy to add to it… other people believe that the Bible used to be complete, and used to be God’s word, but certain books were taken out, with the intention of misleading humanity about who we really are and how we really got here.

When you read The Book of Enoch you’ll see why some people believe it actually used to be – and should still be – part of the Bible. So basically there is a line in Genesis 6 that references how evil Humanity became due to their their interactions with the sons of God (the angels). It’s very vague, it’s very broad, all we know is that apparently God considered Humanity evil enough that they all deserved to be wiped out all in one fell swoop with the Flood. 

So you know if you’re looking at that and that’s the only context you’re getting, you’re going to say “Oh, God is like evil. He just like killed everybody? That’s so mean.” 

But then when you read The Book of Enoch, it goes so in-depth about how these angels… came down, and reproduced with human women and some people believe that this reference reproduction actually is a reference to aliens interfering with the genetic code of humanity. At this point some people drop off and they’re like, “Oh like on the show AnCiEnT aLiEnS? Like on the show AnCiEnT aLiEnS?” and… ugh… I hate that so much. The programming really runs deep, to make people think that this stuff isn’t happening.

But long story short, this agreement between humans and the angels to allow them to genetically modify human beings created a new race of Giants, and these Giants are called the Nephilim. Apparently these Nephilim Giants were cannibals, and were very sinful in other ways too, but they were bloodthirsty and violent.

And because of the existence of the Nephilim on Earth, Humanity collectively got seduced towards evil to the point where […] it was described as humans having only evil thoughts, day in and day out. The goodness had completely dissolved from Humanity as a collective. So because of that genetic corruption, apparently God felt like He had to try again and save a few good eggs. And then we had The Flood and whatever.

Point of all that is: the Nephilim are the offspring of the mistake made between Humans and Angels, which corrupted God’s originally perfect genetic plan for Humanity. So when I say the Nephilim, that’s who I’m referring to. 

MICKEY Z.: Thank you. Now, related to that […] since you mentioned Giants: I recently listened to a podcast in which an author named Heather Arnold who wrote a book [The Islands of the Giants: The Lost Race of Giants of Aruba, Bonaire, and Curaçaoand] how on Aruba Bonaire and Curacao, there is all sorts of evidence that there were races of very giant people there, who also did inter interact with non-giant people. Eventually we’re not totally sure what happened, she’s not totally sure what happened, but that’s a side note. 

Speaking of podcasts that I listen to: As you were talking I was trying to imagine what some people’s response might be when you when you break into biblical quotes on discussions of the word evil. But just yesterday I was listening to a podcast called Whistleblower Newsroom. I highly recommended it if anyone’s curious to hear interviews with really really brave whistleblowers. But the woman this time had on what she considered to be the ultimate whistleblower: the most prolific Catholic Exorcist in the world, Father Vincent Lambert. Much of what he talked about – particularly when Lucifer was expelled from heaven and one-third of the Angels were removed – did not sound much different from what you were just describing. But because it’s accepted dogma, someone might hear what you’re saying and think that that’s “crazy”… and they should go back to the episode in which we talked about that, how it’s great to be crazy!

But this Exorcist the language he was using of demons and evil, he was using it confidently. And the woman interviewing him was treating it as a normal conversation. And I urge people listening to this to maintain the same type of open mind, because it’s just a matter of what we’re programmed to accept, as to what’s real and what’s fake. I was thinking… how someone could say “Oh, GiAnTs and AnGeLs,” but meanwhile, these are the people that would accept that at this exact moment it is “Saturday, July 23rd 2:40pm–”

ALICEN GREY: [laughs] “You don’t believe in astrology but you believe it’s 3 p.m.?!”

MICKEY Z.: What is time? What are days? What are years? These are human constructs.

ALICEN GREY: Right, and these same people will also believe that if a child says “I’m actually a boy, cut off my titties,” then they’ll be like, “Okay baby!” So it’s like… who is really crazy here? 

MICKEY Z.: The same people will also think money is real! Now wait until they try to push this digital money on us –

ALICEN GREY: Even less real!

MICKEY Z: – there’s not even a physical wrinkled green bill in your hand! You press a button on your phone –

ALICEN GREY: Now [money] is just straight-up fake. And then, I’m glad you brought that up, the crazy part. Because as I was talking and I realized this was taking a turn I didn’t expect it to…

MICKEY Z. [laughs]

ALICEN GREY: I realized that when I first had my Spiritual Awakening, even though I had – by leaps and bounds, overnight – become comfortable with being perceived as crazy, I was still in the habit of speaking to people about how I perceive the world (in these spiritual terms) trying to use their language, trying to use materialist terms and get through to them that way. But then recently – so it’s been like 2 years into my Spiritual Awakening – recently I saw a post that just like, sealed the deal for me that I am done trying to speak the language of Hylics.

Because the post was like from Tumblr, and it was somebody marveling about how we’re conscious even though we’re “just” a bunch of nerve endings connected to this brain made of jello that sits in the dark and receives information from the outside world through the senses. So they were describing their whole existence as just being like a clump of cells that are like jello, and just so happen to have self-awareness by accident. 

And then someone followed up and added to the post, and said, “Yeah, considering the fact that we’re basically hallucinating bowls of tapioca, it doesn’t surprise me that sometimes people hear a spooky noise in the corner and think that maybe it’s a ghost.”

I’m reading this, with all my knowledge of the occult and metaphysics, and having clairsentience and clairvoyance and stuff… I’m listening like, “Do people actually think of themselves as hallucinating bowls of tapioca?!”

This is shocking to me! Reading that, and realizing the gravity of how far people have gotten from the Light of Truth, made me realize it is not Truth-full of me to try to bend and warp my meanings to fit into tight materialistic parameters. It’s not Truth-full. For the same reason I won’t call a man a woman. It’s not Truth-full, and Truth is enough of a reason to speak the way that I speak.

MICKEY Z: Absolutely! It’s also a pushback against the materialistic and mechanistic view of the world that people are trying to impose on us. And I do believe those people who make a funny joke about a bowl of tapioca, they’re the same people who – after one of their parents dies – might openly say that every time this particular cardinal visits their garden, it’s their mom coming to check on them. They’re so full of s*** because if people let down their guard, and they don’t try and be logical and practical all the time – whatever those words mean, because is it illogical and impractical to believe that your parents, after they pass away from this realm, want to check on you? Is that suddenly illogical?

ALICEN GREY: They hang around!

MICKEY Z: Yeah! So then they want to perform online by mocking what we are and pretending that this isn’t real. I’ll share a quick post with you. This is what they believe. I saw a meme the other day, where a woman – it was a screenshot of a Tweet, I believe – and a woman said, “I just finally paid off my car loan and instantly my credit score went down by 35 points,” and she writes,  “LMFAO what kind of world we live in? What is money?”

People will a strictly adhere to “credit scores” as something that really exists in the world, but then laugh at someone who talks about UFOs and ghosts. When I when I write about politics and I write about the pandemic, anyone who follows me knows that I’m going to get backup information, I’m going to present evidence. There’s a time and a place for things, but I remain 100% open to all other possibilities – and I remain 100% certain that no one has cornered the market on what is real and what is fake. So I enjoy whatever tangent you go on, I’m happy to go with you. In the same way, I could have a medical doctor on a previous episode and go into that mindset, because I think they can all be valid, and not any one of them represents a singular truth.

But we’re going to wrap up in a couple of minutes, so I want to turn back to you and just say: Since you kind of inspired this conversation and said, “Hey let’s record this,” take a couple minutes and have the last word. What would you like people to take away from this conversation, and take away from the information that you shared today with me?

ALICEN GREY: Okay well I’ll go first I’ll tie it back to where we started, which was a discussion about how social media is addictive. And then we moved on to Project Bluebird rebranding as Twitter, and creating these giant movements towards Transhumanism using robot pure pressure. And so it makes me think of how, the way that people described themselves as hallucinating bowls of tapioca – they have no concept of being a soul. You can’t even talk to people about having a soul, let alone try to convince them that they are a soul, that they are energy, and that energy is free. That’s because this mechanistic worldview (as you described it) goes hand-in-hand with robotics, goes hand-in-hand with AI, goes hand-in-hand with social media… all of it’s connected. The whole web of materialism is a trap for free energy, and I recently wrote a whole five-part series on Hologram Press, about the difference between a Closed Circuit of energy (which is the material realm we currently find ourselves in) and the Open Circuit (where energy is free). And I do believe as souls, as beings of light, we are all free. We could fly if we wanted to, and I mean that in a very literal way.

The only way you can convince a free being to consensually enter a cage where they feel trapped, is if there’s something addictive and seductive about that cage. So looking at social media and the way the people are addicted to it, and that they actually consensually walked into a trap of Consciousness… it’s… I know that anytime someone experiences addiction, there is always always, always, deep in their core, that little voice of Truth saying, “You know that you could be free if you wanted to.”

And it’s unsettling, because when you face the music and allow yourself to acknowledge and admit that you are the one who consented to this experience of trapping your Consciousness in an addictive cycle, then it becomes our responsibility to free your energy once again.

So right now, I call it spiritual warfare because it is. Consciousness is the prize. Either you get to keep your Consciousness and be fully autonomous and Sovereign, or you give your Consciousness away to these dark Forces who basically just want to trap you and use your energy forever. 

And a lot of people right now, unfortunately a lot of people, are choosing to stay in the addictive cycle, even though there’s that nagging little voice in the back of their head saying, “It doesn’t have to be this way, I remember when I used to be free, I remember when I used to be able to do math in my head, I remember when I had my friends’ phones memorized” – you know, just like I was saying (to call myself out) from the beginning of this episode. There is a Breaking Point each person has to hit within themselves before they make the decision and the commitment to being free.

And given that this is a spiritual war, a lot of people are waking up, but only because they’ve gone very very very far into the sleepwalking State first… and unfortunately a lot of people are choosing to have a more intense breaking point. So even though you’ve been I are becoming conscious of these these mechanisms relatively early on, and adjusting our behavior accordingly, unfortunately [for] other people it’s going to take them longer. It’s going to take them longer to to become conscious of what has been done to their Consciousness. 

That’s why it’s so important that people like you and I just speak the Truth, and the truth is we are Spiritual Beings, this is a Spiritual War, and personally […] my way of expressing Truth is to use spiritual terms to describe spiritual phenomena. What we’re dealing with is demonic, and there’s really no materialistic way to express that. I could tell you, “Oh yeah, you get addicted to social media because dopamine,” but like, that’s such a hollow, empty, meaningless expression of the actual Truth, which is that your Consciousness is being attacked by literal evil. 

So props to that guy you mentioned before who just says “evil” and “demons” very casually. I think that’s what we should all be doing. Those of us who have answered the call of that little nagging voice in the back of our head – those of us who know what’s going on – we really need to speak the truth now. Because we know people are starting to listen, people are starting to hit that breaking point, and they need somebody to catalyze their final step onto the path of Freedom.

2 thoughts on “Mind Control, Spiritual Warfare and Evil InterDimensional Clowns

  1. Just to let you know: A psychiatrist in the 1960s cured 75 to 85 percent of his schizophernic patients with a good diet, Vitamin C, and significant doses of niacinamide. When the niacin was withdrawn, the patients returned to their schizophrenic state. Adelle Davis speculated that some people have a higher need for niacin than other people. I certainly wish my nephew with this diagnosis had had someone look into potential physiological problems — including iodine deficiency and hypothyroidism — before he killed himself.

    The dopamine component is fascinating. Fat people supposedly have low levels of dopamine; does this explain why so many of them sign onto transgenderism, either pretending they’re trans or supporting the ideology?


    1. Oh dear. I am so sorry about your nephew 😦 Thank you for sharing this information about proper diet for the treatment of schizophrenia; it could save someone’s life! May this information find its way to those who most need it ❤

      And to your question about transgenderism: In my personal observation, there seems to be a relationship between heavy metal poisoning (as observed in those diagnosed with autism) and devotion to transhumanistic values. Most kids identifying as trans are somewhere on the autism spectrum. And most autistic people have an excess of aluminum deposits in their brains. We know there's an abundance of aluminum in the transhumanists' favorite technology: vaccines. So. It's a whole sick web of social manipulations. Robots beget robots.


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