About Hologram Press

According to Holographic Universe Theory, consciousness acts like a projector that generates multi-dimensional thoughtforms into our collective reality. What you think, you experience.

So if you found this site, it certainly wasn’t by accident.

Hologram Press is a place for openly discussing cosmic questions. Where do we come from? What is our purpose? Why this body, on this planet, in this Universe? How does it all work… and what do we do now?

You might file these questions under “exopolitics,” “mysticism,” “parapsychology” or even “conspiracy theories.”
We prefer the term pneumatic. 😉

And unlike related websites that focus on doom and gloom, Hologram Press intends to inspire readers to meditate upon higher things, maintaining a balanced kind of curiosity and appreciation for the mysteries of our world.

We are esoteric, mystical, surreal, curious, luminous and transcendent.

We are Hologram Press.

Cave Radio ~ Universal Hall Pass

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