Ready to co-create reality with us? Wonderful! Just follow these guidelines:

  1. Hologram Press (HoP) exists to provide a platform for essays, articles, research and reports which explore the nature of reality. This covers metaphysics, psionics, psychic/psi phenomena, magick, the occult, spirituality, and other topics that would fit under the umbrella of Holographic Universe Theory. We operate from the base assumption that these topics are worth sincere, serious investigation.
  2. It’s okay if your piece contradicts an idea previously expressed on the site. Your writing represents your perspective. So don’t worry too much about trying to “fit in” with other writers here.
  3. HoP makes an effort not to incite fear or patronize readers. So please avoid terms like “wake up sheeple,” claiming to have “uncle intel,” making doomsday predictions… that sort of thing.
  4. No need to litter your writing with qualifiers like “I know this might sound crazy, but…” HoP knows how gross it feels to be called “crazy” for exploring these fringe topics. We won’t do that to you here.
  5. Avoid promoting a particular worldview, religion or spiritual path as a definitive truth. If you find it difficult to eliminate your biases completely, just avoid evangelizing or preaching.
  6. If your piece contains information that “came to you” through channeling, through a trance/hypnotic state, or under the influence of a drug, please let us know. We may include a disclaimer on your piece.

Send your thoughts to alicen[at]hologrampress[dot]com
as a .doc, .rtf, or .odt file.
Include your name as you wish for it to appear on the site, the title of your piece, and any photos inline as you’d like them to appear.
Alicen will send editorial notes for your review & approval before publishing.

Yes, simultaneous submissions are okay. Yes, you retain publication rights. Yes, you may publish the same piece elsewhere if the other publisher(s) allow it. All we ask is that you acknowledge Hologram Press as the original publisher of the piece, preferably with a link to your work on this site.

And YES, HoP compensates writers with a small stipend, via PayPal, Zelle or Venmo. Please include your payment information with submission. Bartering is also encouraged.*

Happy questioning!

*Alicen offers remote energy healings, homemade herbal medicines, tarot reading, Vedic astrology reading, creative consultation, ghostwriting, and editorial services. Please include an inquiry alongside your submission if you’d like to receive one of these gifts in exchange for your contribution to the site.

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