Spiritual Readings

I love inspiring people to see the magic in themselves, by happily opening their eyes, hearts and minds to the ever-unfolding wonders that are always hiding in plain sight. Thus, my intention with these readings is to make the invisible visible by “connecting the dots” into something cohesive and clear, that you may also remember and reclaim your sovereign spiritual power and enjoy this marvelous experience we call Life!



Are you receiving synchronicities (spiritually significant signs & symbols) in your life? For example: recurring dreams, animal messengers, or repeating numbers/phrases?
And would you like some help interpreting the meaning of these mysterious messages?
Then this reading is for you! 🙂

I (Alicen Grey) am a synchromystic. I’ve been studying symbology and archetypology since my teen years, and that alone did wonders for my creativity. But the real magic started when I began interpreting the symbols I’d see in my everyday life. Ever since I made the commitment to “follow the signs,” my life has been overflowing with good fortune, beneficial relationships, and truly wonderful experiences!
Then I noticed that, oftentimes, I’d also receive “omens” relevant to the people I was doing astrology readings for. Whenever I included these omens in the reading, the feedback was highly resonant. So I decided to make “signs & symbols” a reading of its own!

Ready to connect the dots? Let’s begin!

First, follow all the booking instructions below. Then, e-mail me at wordsofalicengrey@gmail.com with details about the synchronicities you’ve been receiving. If you believe these synchronicities have something to do with a specific situation in your life, share a bit about that situation as well, so I know how to write your report. (So for example, if you’re facing a big life decision and you keep seeing a certain animal messenger, and you believe the animal holds wisdom related to your decision, mention that!)

You may not need to provide your birth details for this one, but I will ask for it if I intuitively feel that it holds a key to your reading. I may also ask for other details, such as your ethnic or regional heritage, if the symbols in question have culture-specific meanings.

Your report will include a lengthy interpretation and synthesis written by me, as well as supplementary links and media from other sources to deepen your knowledge. I may record a video explaining your reading, if the information requires that kind of presentation.


Are you a remote viewer? a mind-reader? a dream yogi? a spoon-bender? an energetic healer? This reading will tell you!

I evaluate your natal chart elements, houses, nakshatras and planetary aspects to determine what psychic and psionic predispositions you have.
I also suggest practical, sovereign methods for tapping into your dormant spiritual gifts.


If you have an ongoing/chronic problem in your life, I will analyze the astrological factors contributing to the issue, with emphasis on “malefics” and the Moon.

I will then recommend both traditional and modern remedies (such as mantras and dietary changes, respectively) to adopt at your discretion.

$44 – $55

If you’re looking for astrological guidance on romance and intimacy, this reading is for you!

The Yoni Kuta System is an ancient Vedic method of determining one’s ideal partner based on their nakshatras. Ideal partners are called “yoni consorts” because they embody the polarized characteristics of the same animal. (For example, the yoni consorts Satabhisha and Ashwini embody the energies of the tamed Horse and the wild Horse, respectively.)
I have yet to encounter someone who isn’t intuitively attracted to their yoni consort – they just don’t know that they’re consorts!

If you’re single ($44) and need help figuring out who you’re attracted to, this reading will introduce you to your yoni consort, complete with an in-depth description of their characteristics and photos of celebrity examples so you know what faces to look for when you’re on the dating scene 🙂

If you’re partnered/considering a partner ($55) this reading will assess both of your charts to determine whether you’re yoni consorts, and offer guidance on how to navigate your particular combination of sensual energies.


* Most Popular Reading

This Neo-Vedic astrological reading will examine your natal Rahu & Ketu (North Node and South Node, respectively) to illuminate your hidden drives and desires as they pertain to the realization of your destiny.

It is often said that Ketu represents one’s past lives (that which you’re moving away from) while Rahu represents one’s present life lessons (what one must move toward). However, this reading takes a new angle by treating Ketu as something to move toward through a deeper understanding of Rahu.

For example: Most astrologers will say that if you have Ketu in the 7th house and Rahu in the 1st, you must stop focusing on marriage and focus instead on Self-development. However, my opinion is that this Self-development (1st house) will happen through the vehicle of relationships (7th house).

This is because Rahu and Ketu may superficially appear to be opposite each other, but in Truth, they are the same at the core.

How to book your reading:

For reading to be accurate, please follow these instructions carefully:

  1. To get started, send the payment. I accept payment via Venmo (@skelephantastic) and PayPal (wordsofalicengrey@gmail.com).
  2. In your payment note, tell me which reading you’d like to receive.
  3. Also in the note, include your birth month day & year, city state & country, and exact time of day (please indicate AM or PM). Please spell out the month. So instead of “11/12” write out “November 12.” This is to avoid confusion between the DD/MM and MM/DD date formats.
  4. Then,
    1. for the Signs & Symbols reading, follow up with an e-mail to wordsofalicengrey@gmail.com with all the details requested in the above description.
    2. for Solution-Finding, follow up with an e-mail to wordsofalicengrey@gmail.com with a detailed explanation of the problem you’re seeking solutions for.
    3. for the Psychic Power, Shadow Axis and Yoni Consort, feel free to include any details about you that you think I should know – but this particular reading actually works better if you don’t give me any information about yourself beforehand, other than your birth details.
  5. Finally, make sure to include the email address I should email your finished report to. 🙂

If exact birth time is not known, or if your situation is beyond my realm of expertise, your reading request may be declined. If declined, I will refund your money in full immediately.

Current turnaround time: around 2-3 weeks.

Thank you for giving me the honor of reading for you.


Y. Clarke ~ Psychic Power Report, Shadow Axis Reading, & Solution-Finding Analysis
J. Stevens ~ Shadow Axis Reading

K. Poole
~ Psychic Power Report

Alicen’s work is well worth the money! She write in depth and doesn’t just send you something short and sweet. I felt personally moved. Her work gave me chills!
I highly appreciate her attention to detail. I was impressed with how much information she offered!! I’ve paid for services that were far more expensive and received a paragraph of information back that left me feeling like I was missing something. She is sure to make a repeat customer out of me!

J. Lopez
~ Psychic Power Report

Alicen’s psychic assessment feels like an open door into your personal being. You can tell it has taken her a lot of time, energy, care, and knowledge to be able to give such an in depth reading. The specific recommendations I was given were very thorough and I feel comfortable & confident taking them into my future. With that said, her readings will have you wanting to continue this journey of self-discovery. Her ability to see you will make you wonder how you haven’t known yourself so deeply all this time. It lifts the cloudiness and burden of uncertainty in a therapeutic way that immediately feels healing. I recommend her services especially to anyone who feels lost, or out of place in the world.

M. Miroslava
~ Shadow Axis Reading

I just wanted to let you know that this report was fucking fire. It is so incredibly weird to actually think that my lesson in this life would be to just have fun. I’ve struggled with being super serious and super Saturnian my whole life and this just put so many things into perspective. This was the best way to confirm the direction of my growth. Thank you for your time, knowledge and efforts! 🖤

E. G. Willis
~ Solution-Finding Analysis

Book with this woman!!
Alicen’s reading arrived promptly and was a lengthy writeup that addressed the particular matters I’d brought up perfectly. What I so enjoyed is the subtle, but sure, cheering-on of another soul through an astrological lens. If you’re feeling stuck, stagnant or just curious about what more this life can offer by accessing your birth chart, I very much recommend booking a session with the highly perceptive and
knowledgeable Alicen Grey!

C. Peralta
~ Psychic Power Report

This was a really comprehensive and beautifully written report. I started tearing up… I reached out to Alicen for a psychic power report of my birthchart and was well pleased. She broke down the key aspects and made it easy to follow and understand. In addition, she also gave recommendations to bring out the best as well. Would definitely recommend if you want to explore this side of yourself!

M. Lunetta
~ Shadow Axis Reading

This so amazing. Literally tears 😭 And so many “a-ha” moments. Thank you 🙏🏽

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