Alicen Grey


punarvasu ☉ — embodies zero-point energy. creates. en-courages.
satabhisha ☽ — observes from the shadows. collects ideas & identities.
jyeshtha ↟ ⁠— born to lead. enforces dharma. rules over the gods.
sun in the 8th ⌂ ⁠— shines light on the esoteric nature of reality.
rahu in the 1st ⌂ ⁠— innovates. rebels. endlessly hungers for truth.



Hologram Projector Extraordinaire

whoever you are,
wherever you are,
why-ever you are:

this site would not exist
if you weren’t looking at it

so thank you for your time and attention
it is a joy to co-create with You ♡

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